Scotland's energy future - Damaged by five UK government failures

Scotland currently produces the most renewable energy per capita among the UK nations and is a potential global leader in this field.  Hydrogen in particular could represent Scotland’s greatest industrial opportunity since the discovery of oil and gas in the North Sea. The technology has the power to unleash huge economic benefits while supporting the transition to net zero.

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Revealed: The ACCOUNTING TRICK that Hides Scotland's Wealth (2023)

Every Westminster Government in your lifetime has knowingly diverted tens of billions of pounds of Scottish revenues to Westminster. This has led to lower investment in Scotland, higher unemployment, lower economic growth, lower standards of living, economic migration and growing inequality and poverty. All of which would not have been the case were Scotland an independent country.

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"Ferrygate" little more than a propaganda war against Scotland

Ferries have featured heavily in the Scottish news diet over the last few months. Headlines have screamed about “Ferrygate” - the story of delays and cost overruns to two new dual-fuel vessels commissioned from Ferguson Marine, and other ferry-related issues. The ferries are indeed five years late and millions over budget and thats not good- however we need to look at this single project in context.  

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