Smaller independent countries’ COVID-19 economic recovery packages better than Scotland’s as part of the UK

Throughout this global health crisis, it has become clear that small independent countries have been able to offer very supportive economic recovery packages. For example, Norway and Denmark, two of our closest neighbours which have similar population sizes to Scotland, have been able to source large sums of funding to deal with the coronavirus pandemic and restarting their economies.

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Why Boris Johnson came to Scotland in panic mode

The UK PM decided to drop everything and head to Scotland to save the union. Most Scottish independence supporters were quite happy about that as they see Johnson as toxic and think such a staged managed visit - as always he avoided meeting real people, just a few hand-picked Scotiaphobes and soldiers who had been ordered to meet him - could even boost support for Scottish independence.

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49% of English Voters Support ENGLISH Independence

The poll was carried out on behalf of Business for Scotland by Panelbase and surveyed 1,015 English residents between June 29th and July 3rd and asked if people agreed or disagreed with the statement: England should be an independent country and Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland should be allowed to stand on their own two feet.

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