About us

Business for Scotland is a campaigning business network. We are passionate about unlocking Scotland’s economic potential by promoting policies that will create sustainable business and economic growth and we champion the wellbeing Economic Approach. We are dedicated supporters of Scottish independence as a means to deliver our goals and to set Scotland on a more inclusive, greener, confident, more equal and economically successful and sustainable path.


Founded by our Chief Executive, Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp and six SME business owners in May 2011, Business for Scotland has become one of Scotland's most influential business networks. 

Business for Scotland is an agenda setting, independent and political party neutral business network and business policy think tank.

In 2014 Business for Scotland went from a standing start to being the best funded, supported, resourced and most effective registered group during the independence campaign. Our membership, our Board, staff and all local organisers are proud of the work they did and our contribution to the Yes surge from around the mid twenties to 45%.

Business for Scotland also founded Scotland’s largest, most active and inclusive independence campaigning organisation, Believe in Scotland. You can find out more about the work Believe in Scotland does here.

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If you are a business owner or director you should consider joining our premium network The Saltire Club which you can read about here.