US trade deal would rip NHS Scotland from Holyrood's control

Donald Trump on his state visit to the UK confirmed that the NHS should be “on the table” as part of a post-Brexit UK/USA trade deal. The backlash against that statement has now led him to backtrack but the whole point of the UK Government taking the Scottish Government to the Supreme Court to intercept powers over procurement was purely to allow post-Brexit trade deals to happen.  

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The question to ask every unionist about GERS

THE mainstream press are falling over themselves to point out the size of the financial deficit that Scotland has as part of the United Kingdom. From this, unionists conclude that Scotland cannot afford to be an independent nation and that it shows how much we need the UK to subsidise us. Putting aside that remarkable lack of respect and ambition for Scotland there is, however, a question the press are not asking.

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Brexit damage to Scotland's economy will drive up Yes vote

The latest poll by YouGov shows increased support for independence, up from 46% pre Brexit to 47% but that is a little disappointing, (even they excluded 16 & 17 years olds who are majority previous Yes voters). However, that poll doesn't surprise me, as the SNP have emphasised the wrong message on Brexit. It is not simply the fact that Scotland is being dragged out of the EU that will change the polls, it is the economic damage that Brexit will do to Scotland that will increase support for independence.  That damage will take time to materialise but it must be highlighted by the SNP, something they are so far failing to do.

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Finland's basic income plan could change everything

FINLAND looks set to challenge the global economic orthodoxy in a way that could usher in the biggest step change in economic thought since the Industrial Revolution – it could signify the end of the link between hourly work and income, signalling the true end of the industrial age. Its stated intent – to introduce a basic income for all adults – has a few economic commentators excited but so far hasn’t sparked the national consciousness. That’s partly because it is a fairly radical idea and partly because most progressive economists already see the end of the welfare state and a move to a basic income as inevitable. They just can’t decide on the timescales nor the method for implementing it or managing such a massive change.

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Why Westminster doesn't want Scotland to have full fiscal responsibility

A lot people are confused by full fiscal responsibility (FFR), what it means, how long it would take to implement and how it would impact on Scotland’s fiscal deficit. I want FFR largely as I think that the more localised the decision making within an economy and society, the more beneficial the decisions made will be. These benefits will “trickle up” to a more advantaged national economic performance. The best way to run the UK is to move towards increased devolution and federalism; each region and nation reaching the optimum level of devolution and independence for their region’s wellbeing. If Scotland then chose independence, then the UK currency zone and common market becomes a confederation, like the best bits of the European common market.

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Westminster caught illegally orchestrating business scare stories

Co-ordinated scare mongering reaches fever pitch.

David Cameron, after deciding to stay out of the referendum debate 'til the last few weeks, has suddenly realised the result is running away from them.  In what was described in the media as a “panicked move” he and the other Westminster political leaders abandoned Prime Ministers Question Time (PMQs) to campaign in Scotland.

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