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Business for Scotland responds to Theresa May’s threat to block ScotRef

Written by Rhona Middler

Business for Scotland responded strongly to Prime Minister Theresa May’s decision to block the democratically mandated Scottish referendum before the UK leaves the EU.

Chief Executive of Business for Scotland, Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp said:

“David Cameron agreed to two referendums because he thought that he could win both. Theresa May has decided to attempt to block a Scottish referendum because she knows she can’t win.

“She knows the predicted impact of a hard Brexit on Scotland and why the country is seeking independence.

“The Fraser of Allander Institute Long-term Economic Implications of Brexit Report states employment in Scotland will be cut by 80,000 jobs, Scotland’s economic growth will be reduced by £8 billion, real wages will fall by £2,000 per person per year, exports will be cut by 11% and the Chancellor has indicated Scotland’s share of the UK debt will increase by £10bn over 5 years to pay for Brexit.

“The planned hard Brexit absolutely and utterly destroys the economic case for Scotland remaining in the UK.”




About the author

Rhona Middler

Rhona is Business for Scotland's Engagement Executive and Events Manager.


  • I’m being kind to think that May is simply playing politics this week – once the Scottish Parliament formally agree the Section 30 order I do hope that she then respects the wishes of a VERY democratically elected government and her people and that she accepts out position. If she doesn’t – this changes things completely.

  • Stop following SNP rhetoric. I dread to think what would happen to Scottish businesses in the event of a breakway from the rest of the UK.

  • It worries me greatly that Business for Scotland is ignoring the direct risk to hundreds of thousands of jobs linked directly to Scotland being part of the UK. The volume of people who work for cost averse UK businesses with operations in Scotland who will likely lose their income in the event of independence is significant. If you truly are business for Scotland you need to stop following the SNP rhetoric and actually start standing up for the hard working people across every business in Scotland not just those that support independence.

  • Never heard of Business for Scotland!, and I’m not too sure what the game plan is for the SNP they are doing a pretty poor job running Scotland as it is, and the referendum is a smoke screen.

    Say we gain independence wtf are we going to do when the UK stop funding Scotland, we are not in the EU and don’t even have Sterling.

    I think the rest of the UK couldn’t give two hoots if Scotland left the UK or not, and would more than likely be glad they no longer subsidise them….

    • In that case why the hell do you think they try so hard to keep us in the UK. The tory government wouldn’t subsidise someon’s spare bedroom, never mind the whole of Scotland!!! If you had a relative who didn’t pay their way and moaned all the time, if they said they wanted to leave you would help them pack and drive them to the station. You would not threaten and bribe them to stay would you?

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