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Business for Scotland responds to Theresa May’s threat to block ScotRef

Written by Rhona Middler

Business for Scotland responded strongly to Prime Minister Theresa May’s decision to block the democratically mandated Scottish referendum before the UK leaves the EU.

Chief Executive of Business for Scotland, Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp said:

“David Cameron agreed to two referendums because he thought that he could win both. Theresa May has decided to attempt to block a Scottish referendum because she knows she can’t win.

“She knows the predicted impact of a hard Brexit on Scotland and why the country is seeking independence.

“The Fraser of Allander Institute Long-term Economic Implications of Brexit Report states employment in Scotland will be cut by 80,000 jobs, Scotland’s economic growth will be reduced by £8 billion, real wages will fall by £2,000 per person per year, exports will be cut by 11% and the Chancellor has indicated Scotland’s share of the UK debt will increase by £10bn over 5 years to pay for Brexit.

“The planned hard Brexit absolutely and utterly destroys the economic case for Scotland remaining in the UK.”




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Rhona Middler

Rhona is Business for Scotland's Membership Engagement Executive and Events Manager.

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