What We Do


Business for Scotland – Unlocking Scotland’s economic potential

BfS campaigns for the business and economic policies that will allow our members’ businesses to thrive and bring greater prosperity to Scotland.  We publish articles that influence, provide expert opinion, evidence and advice to both the Scottish and UK Parliaments, we also organise networking events, conferences and dinners, and regularly produce impactful and unique research reports.

 Our 3 Key Projects

1) Scotianomics – A new economics for a new Scotland

The focus of our Scotianomics project is on setting the agenda for economic and business policies and creating a manifesto for a better Scotland. We publish research reports that educate and inform on the Scottish economy, its strengths, threats and opportunities. Scotianomics is about creating a roadmap to prosperity with new economic thinking.

 2) Scotland the Brief – Believe in Scotland

Learn about Scotland’s economy with bite-sized infographics. Every week, fact-rich graphics are published on our website and across social media. Our Scotland the Brief facts demonstrate Scotland’s economic strengths and help people to understand and believe in the potential of Scotland’s economy. To look at our Scotland the Brief facts, click here.


3) Clarity – Rethinking economics 

Clarity is a new annual conference launching in 2020, which brings together leading economists, policymakers, business people and influencers to create a new economic approach that focuses on fairness, the environment and people to deliver a fairer more prosperous society.