Our Goals

Self – Determination and Independence

We make the case for Scottish independence and the transition to a Wellbeing Economic Approach. We see independence not as an end in itself but as a means to an end or building a better nation. In particular, we forecast massive benefits to Scotland's economy and our national wellbeing when all the economic levers of power and business policies are controlled in Scotland. This is the only way that the Scottish Government will be able to boost sustainable economic growth.

Economic Growth

Our economy has changed and the standard neoclassical economics model has failed to provide the equal, prosperous and growing economy that we require. Through our think tank Scotianomics, we propose ideas on new wellbeing-based economic policies that champion sustainable growth.


Scotland is blessed with natural resources that boost its tourism and food and drink sector, both major contributors to our economy. Not only is protecting Scotland’s natural environment of vital importance, but green business opportunities and sustainable business practices offer major opportunities for Scottish companies.  That's why we need a just transition to renewable energy in balance with the world leading energy expertise of our oil and gas industry.  

SME (Small-medium sized enterprises) Growth

Although open to all businesses, our core focus is on SMEs which make up 99.4% of Scotland’s businesses (55.6% of all private sector employment) – representing the biggest opportunity for economic growth. Business for Scotland promotes the continued development of this sector, looking at the success of the ‘Mittelstand’ in Germany which powers its economy through SMEs.

Future Generations

The key to future success lies in giving young people a great start in life. We need to ensure that our confident and ambitious young people can aim as high as possible. Young workers need the support of the Living Wage to make work more attractive and productive, and to ensure they understand that their efforts are valued by society. 

Export Confidence

Too few Scottish companies export and Brexit, which was rejected by the people of Scotland, has made exporting exponentially harder for smaller Scottish Companies. We will seek to influence increased innovation, confidence and improved support programs for exporting. We also recognise the need for a strong international brand for Scottish businesses, seeking to increase the profile for our Scottish businesses and build international commercial links. We believe that an independent Scotland should rejoin the EU as quickly as possible. 

Fairness and Equality

Business for Scotland is the business network with a conscience. We need the prosperity we desire to be more widely and fairly shared across our society. We are committed to building an inclusive society for everyone, for example by supporting the Living Wage, And Wellbeing Pension creating a virtuous spiral because money spent in communities increases community wealth.