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Twitter storm at ‘glib’ fish jibe from Jacob Rees-Mogg

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TORY Minister Jacob Rees-Mogg’s unhinged comment about fish being ‘’happier’’ because they’re now British sparked a Twitter storm with angry replies. Here are some of the best:

Sue Perkins (TV presenter):

”The double-breasted shitweasel has been making jokes again – this time at the expense of the fishing industry. The glibness with which they treat other people’s hardships never fails to astound.”

Toby Earle (TV critic and broadcaster):

‘’Unsold fish are rotting on docks, seafood companies are hitting the wall, but Jacob Rees-Mogg says what matters is that fish are now ‘happier’ because they’re British’’

James Felton (comedy writer):

‘’Honestly I can’t think of anything summing up Bexit better than (whilst fish rot in the ports because of Brexit) Jacob Rees-Mogg saying everything is great because the f***** fish are proud to be British.’’

Peter Stefonovic (lawyer, journalist, filmmaker):

‘’It’s cost the country £200bn, robbed British citizens of the free movement and made us all poorer for decades to come. The upside though, according to Jacob Rees-Mogg is that ‘our fish are happier fish for it’.

Could the Tories have done any more to show their total contempt for Scotland and our fishing industry?

John Swinney (Deputy First Minister):

Having delivered a fisheries deal WORSE than the CFP, the Tory Fisheries Minister admits she didn’t read the deal and Jacob Rees-Mogg  delivers this ignorant spectacle. Could the Tories have done any more to show their total contempt for Scotland and our fishing industry?’’

Matt Haig (best-selling author):

‘’If I went to a genie

To grant me one wish

I’d ask for Jacob Rees-Mogg

To become a fish

Alastair Campbell (former spin doctor):

‘’Daylight Knobbery’’

Jay Rayner (food writer):

Forget blue passports. What matters is that the fish rotting on the docks are ‘’happier fish’’ as a result of Brexit. Something stinks here, and it isn’t just the unexported catch.

Kerry-Anne Mendoza (editor at large @TheCanaryUK):

‘’Imagine saying something this stupid out loud.’’

James O’Brien (presenter):

‘’When presented with unignorable reality Jacob Rees-Mogg reaches for really bad jokes and insults.’’


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