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12 images of Scotland’s renewables revolution

Written by Michael Gray

An independent Scotland will have a huge opportunity to benefit economically from renewable energy resources. Here are 12 images that help to visualise this growing sector.

wind and tidal 25 percent

1. Scotland has some of the largest potential renewable resources of any nation in Europe. A recent report valued this at 200,000 Gigawatt hours

Annual Mean Wind Power 100m

2. This image illustrates wind power potential around the UK. The North West and North East of Scotland have by far the highest levels of wind potential. This has led to several world leading offshore wind projects, including the recent project in the Moray Firth.

renewable generated in scotland

3. Scotland has had considerable success in expanding its renewables production since the establishment of the Scottish Parliament. Scotland is on track to meet its 100% target by 2020.

renewable energy in planning

4. This expansion is only the beginning of Scotland’s renewables investment. This image illustrates the scale of future projects that are moving through the planning process.

scotland developments live

5. The map above illustrates the range of offshore projects and test sites in operation around the Scottish coast.

renewable targets over time

6. Scotland’s renewables targets have expanded rapidly over a short period of time. Beyond 2020 there will be even greater opportunities to increase Scotland’s production of renewable energy.

100 percent by 2020

7. The above 100% target was considered highly ambitious. Today Scotland is on track to meet the aim.


8. This is a graphic of an expanded network transmission system inside and outside Scotland. Transmission systems allow offshore renewables to be accessed on the mainland.

28000 offshore jobs by 2020

9. Offshore renewables has immense economic potential in terms of jobs, skills and investment. By 2020 the number of jobs in the offshore sector will have more than double in a decade.

high renewables prediction

10. The high projection for Scotland’s renewables by WWF suggests that Scotland’s green technology can replaced the dependence on nuclear sources of energy.

economic development programs

11. The Scottish Government has created a number of projects to encourage renewables innovation in Scotland.

development of policies

12. This charts sets out multiple developments in government renewables policy during devolution.

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