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Scottish food tourism strategy targets an additional £1bn in revenue by 2030

Scotland’s economy could be boosted by £1billion as a result of a new strategy to develop the already booming food and drink and tourism industries.

The industry-led plan will deliver a range of actions aimed at maximising the potential of tourism and food and drink – two of Scotland’s most successful sectors – and turning the country into an international leader in food tourism

James Withers, Chief Executive of Scotland Food & Drink said: “The hard work to make Scotland a global food tourism destination begins now. But with two powerhouse industries of tourism and food and drink working together alongside government, we will make it happen. There is a huge economic and reputational prize awaiting us if we get this right.”

Visitors to Scotland already spend around £1 billion a year on food and drink, and now the Food Tourism Scotland Action Plan aims to unlock the growth potential to secure an extra £1 billion spend on local produce by 2030.

Measures in the plan include supporting the top 100 visitor attractions to achieve ‘Taste Our Best’, the quality assurance accreditation scheme promoting local sourcing and improved marketing for food and drink tourism, a new national food tourism website and apprenticeship programme and encouraging more agritourism such as farm stays, pick-your-own and farmers’ markets.

Marc Crothall, Chief Executive of the Scottish Tourism Alliance added: “We are confident that as the overarching representative bodies of two of Scotland’s most economically important sectors, collectively, and with the right support and buy in from all in the public and private sector, we can lead and deliver the growth ambition of an extra £1 billion being spent by visitors on food and drink by 2030.

“We are totally committed to encouraging and supporting all food and drink related business, that are by the very nature of what they do ‘Tourism Business’, to get behind this shared ambition, to embrace the plan so that those who choose to visit, drink and dine out in our hotels, pubs, cafés, bars, restaurants or at any event can enjoy an even greater choice of local quality authentic food and drink experiences in destinations throughout Scotland delivered by skilled and passionate people.”

You can read the full plan here.


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  • The U.K.govt produce GERS as proof that Scotland s failing and always broke, the only oil producing country in the world that lets another country handle the money and produce the accounts . Why do some Scottish people actually believe that their oil and gas isn’t worth much and never was, the answer to that question is GERS BBC and British newspapers who have perpetually presented the GERS lie, led face it, GERS is a lie told by the U.K. govt to its people, it’s not only sir Scottish people that believe this drivel but many English people too. The answer is for the SNP to counter it with facts and as you say point out the U.K. govt refusal to cooperate or produce information requested,I understand the reluctance of SNP to spend time and resource on this matter because once they provided the truth it would not be disseminated to the public widely by BBC and the British newspapers and there lies the real problem getting to the truth, British propaganda is choking Scottish people day in day out year in year out .We know why. England has more to lose that what it skins off Scotland .England will no longer be seen as the bigger entity U.K. it will no longer be able to behave like the bigger entity U.K. and will have it’s representation reduced across the world.It I’ll not be able to wage war across the globe and bomb other countries.Scotland will be happy to be small and independent. England will not.

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