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Appeal for Scottish companies to donate unused industrial PPE

Written by Michelle Rodger

A new appeal has been launched to ask companies in Scotland to donate unused Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to the Scottish NHS and other care services.

Many businesses use PPE in their everyday operations but those businesses may be in lockdown and not using it. They may not be aware that the PPE they posses is of a high enough standard to be used in hospitals, clinics and care homes.  Not to put to fine a point on it, construction and spray painting, cleaning companies, beauty salons and hairdressers may have PPE that, if donated, could save lives.

Med Supply Drive Scotland is aiming to coordinate a nationwide effort to redirect unused PPE from non-healthcare related activities to the front line where it is urgently needed.

Med Supply Drive Scotland was set up by doctors, nurses and medical staff who felt that more PPE was urgently needed. are driving the appeal for PPE, as they were concerned they didn’t have adequate PPE to treat patients safely.

This new push for PPE in Scotland is being co-ordinated by BfS Director Nial McLean, whose company Geo-Rope has already donated all of its unused PPE. Niall (on the left of this photo) is wearing the PPE that his company has donated and Dr James Douglas of Forth William Heath Centre (on the right) is wearing what some front line medical and care home staff have access to.  Even dust masks or the masks worn in nail salons could help protect cleaners and porters who need not be so close to patients – if in doubt ask Med Supply Drive Scotland if your equipment can help.


Geo-Rope CEO Niall Mclean (left) and Dr James Douglas (right).

Donations can be dropped off at the delivery entrance of your local health care facility.

See below for a fuller list of the types of equipment that is needed at the front lines, but if you are unsure if what you have will help then you can email [email protected] for more information.

Med Supply Drive Scotland can also be found on Twitter @MedSupDriveScot and Facebook Med Supply Drive Scotland – these accounts are only a few hours old so please support this important drive –  share and like their social media accounts and use #DonatePPEScotland to get this message out there.

The image below shows some examples of the type of kit needed.

Click here to see a more detailed list. Kit Needed Details in Full




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