Economics of Independence

Another 100+ employers declare for Yes through Business for Scotland

We believe when Scotland votes YES our nation’s economy will thrive.

Recently Business for Scotland published a list of 200 business leaders who support independence. This group included many of the most successful Scottish business people in recent years, including Sir Brian Souter, Chairman of Stagecoach plc; Ralph Topping who retired last month as CEO of William Hill plc; Sandy Orr OBE, Founder of Mint Hotels; Jim McColl OBE, Chairman and CEO of Clyde Blowers plc; Mohammed Ramzan, Chairman, United Wholesale Grocers, alongside leading finance sector figures like Jim Spowart, Founder, Standard Life Bank and Intelligent Finance and Sir George Mathewson, Chairman, Toscafund and former Chairman and Chief Executive, Royal Bank of Scotland plc.

But independence isn’t just supported by people from large companies. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) make up 99.3% of all Scottish businesses and 97% of all Scottish exports. They create the majority of private sector jobs in Scotland. That is why we are sharing the names of another 100 plus job creators from our growing membership.

Some are major players in larger businesses but the majority are very proudly creating jobs and running SMEs.

Business for Scotland now has 2,650 members, all YES voting business people.

We believe when Scotland votes YES our nation’s economy will thrive.

Signed in a personal capacity by:

  1. Alan Findlay, Co Owner of Rebel Rebel Hairdressers
  2. Alistair Walker, Proprietor, The Grapevine
  3. Allan Dallas, MD Ross-Shire Engineering
  4. Andrew Bruce, Director, HRI Architects
  5. Andrew Wolffe, Owner of Wolffe Design
  6. Angus MacRuary, Brewing Entrepreneur
  7. Anthony Gerrard, MD Bad Idea Organisation
  8. Anthony Valenti, MD of Ayr Brewing Company
  9. Barry Murdoch, Director of Clyde and Solway Systems Ltd
  10. Barry Thomson, Founder and MD of Efficient Plumbing Services
  11. Bill Dewar, MD of Homespring Ltd
  12. Brendan & James Semple, Directors of TLC Pharmacy Group
  13. Brian Abel, MD and Owner of All Oceans Engineering Ltd
  14. Brian and Muriel Kupris, Owners, Ayres Guest House
  15. Carol Fox, Partner, Fox and Partners
  16. Dale Winchester, MD of Buchanhaven Pharmacies
  17. David Cant, MD Of Albion Overseas
  18. David Watson, MD Family Asset Protection Company
  19. Dennis Overton OBE, Chairman Aquascot
  20. Derek Marshall, CEO, the Factory Skatepark
  21. Diane McWade, MD of Evolution Network Ltd
  22. Donna Ross, MD, Foodies Catering Service
  23. Doug Duguid, CEO of EnerMech
  24. Douglas McKenzie, Founder and Chief Exec. Of Xanthella
  25. Dr. David Erdal, Leading business author and former Chairman of Tullis Russell
  26. Elaine MacDonald, Director of Amalgamate-Safety Risk Management Ltd
  27. Frank McSkeane, MD of the Boss Group of Companies
  28. Fiona Cook, Senior Partner, Cook, Stevenson and Co.
  29. Frank McKirgan, Former Global Head of Equities, RBS
  30. Gary Nico, lMD, VFM Scotland
  31. Gavin Scott MoncrieffOwner, Dun Flodigarry Hostel
  32. George Wilson, Director of Online HR
  33. George Glen, Director of Glenmac Sport Fisheries
  34. Gerry Halas, Director, LBS Fort William Ltd
  35. Glen Bennett, MD of EAE Ltd
  36. Gordon Innes, Director of Duplex Innovations Ltd
  37. Gordon Russell, Operations Director, Forest Sawmills Ltd
  38. Gordon Young Founder
  39. Grainne Braithwaite, Founder of Synergy Concerts, Edinburgh
  40. Graeme Paton, Director, Launch Digital Ltd
  41. Gunnar Groves-RainesDirector, Groves-Raines Architects
  42. Haseen Zaman, MD Safa Fashion & Design Ltd
  43. Heather Anderson, Director Whitmuir Organics
  44. Henry McClelland, MD of Clagan Ltd also Chairman of Annan Athletic FC
  45. Hugh Lee, Director, Pristine Scotland
  46. Iain Richardson, MD of Oncecodec Ltd
  47. Ian Dougary, MD, Arronta Ltd
  48. Ian Forrest, Director, Mistletoe  Ltd
  49. Ian Forrester, MD of Great North Lodges Ltd
  50. Ian Henderson, CTO, Rubric
  51. Ian Logendra, Director, Ashgill Care Home Ltd
  52. Ian Sangster, Director of Harbour Lights
  53. Ian Godden, Chairman, Glenmore Energy plc
  54. Irene Shearer,Director, Shearer of Huntly Ltd
  55. Jamie Smith, Founder and MD of Ice Factor Group, Former Entrepreneur of the Year, Institute of Directors Emerging Director of the Year, Young Director and Regional Director
  56. Jane Brown, Partner, Alan and Black Coach Hire
  57. Janet Innes, Director, Blueprint Planning and Development Ltd
  58. Jeff Lockhart, Director of the St. Andrews Management Centre Ltd
  59. Jim Cosgrove, MD, CF Services Ltd
  60. John Beckett, MD of BBA Insurance
  61. John Gall, MD of Browning Bakers
  62. John Grieve, Director, Lochleven Seafood Centre and Lochleven Shellfish Ltd
  63. John Cowie & Johnathan Conkey, Directors of the Glasgow Guild
  64. Keith Clews, Director, Efa Project Services
  65. Khalid Javid, Director, KA Javid and Co
  66. Kenny McGee, MD of Component Sense
  67. Kevin Fox, MD, Latitude 56 Degrees Ltd (LAT_56)
  68. Lara Adams, Director of Harrapool Ltd
  69. Lewis Paterson, Owner of Thistle News
  70. Linda Galli, MD of Chocolati Ltd
  71. Mahmood Khan, MD Euro Asia Cash & Carry
  72. Malcolm Duffy, Owner of Duffy Skylining
  73. Marcus Adams, Director, Friends Provident Intl.
  74. Mark Norris, MD, Merrick Real Estate
  75. Matt Wotherspoon, Owner/MD of Trueform Construction Ltd
  76. Michael McGhee, Owner/Director of Neo Environmental Ltd
  77. Mike Rafter, Partner, True Potential Wealth Management
  78. Nadia Tighe, Co-Owner/Director William Watt Electricians
  79. Nathan Edwardson, Proprietor, Ocean Rock Studios
  80. Neil Moncrieff, Partner, Isle of Skye Wind Energy
  81. Nicos Scholarios, Senior Partner, MSM Solicitors
  82. Owen Sayers, Director, Fenix Consultants Ltd
  83. Paul McLaughlin, Director of D McLaughlin and Sons Ltd.
  84. Paul Munro, MD of ICS2 Ltd
  85. Peter Emery, Owner/Founder Cuba Holidays
  86. Peter MacCann, Chairman, Castle Craig Hospital
  87. Peter McCann, MD of ISFT Ltd
  88. Rachna Dheer, Owner of Babu’s Kitchen
  89. Raymond McGinlay, Director of Cambium Creative Solutions Ltd
  90. Richard Gauld, MD of Orkney Sustainable Energy Ltd
  91. Robert Jacobs, MD of Ayrshire Community Media CIC
  92. Robert MacAndrew, MD of Aberdeen Drilling Management
  93. Ron Murray, Owner, Ferenze Plant Nursery
  94. Ronnie Robertson, Director of Q – Mass Ltd
  95. Ronnie Soutar, MD of Aqualife Services Ltd
  96. Sandy Duncan, CEO of YoYo Games Ltd
  97. Scott Creighton, Owner of Yeeha Internet Café
  98. Stephen Bell, Owner, SMB Planning Ltd
  99. Steven Lamont, Partner, Lamonts Solicitors
  100. Stuart Banks, Onwer of T Square Architectural Services
  101. Tim Rideout, Director, XYZ Maps
  102. William Hall, Director of Alba Air Energy

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About the author

Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp

Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp is the Founder and Chief Executive of Business for Scotland. Before becoming CEO of Business for Scotland Gordon ran a business strategy and social media, sales & marketing consultancy.

With a degree in business, marketing and economics, Gordon has worked as an economic development planning professional, and in marketing roles specialising in pricing modelling and promotional evaluation for global companies (including P&G).

Gordon benefits (not suffers) from dyslexia, and is a proponent of the emerging New Economics School. Gordon contributes articles to Business for Scotland, The National and Believe in Scotland.


    • Click the link at the bottom of the declaration and once we have confirmed you are in business we will add you to our growing verified membership list.


      • Gordon I signed my company (envirorad) up early last week and received an admin email acknowledgement. I dont seem to be listed; are there some company checks still ongoing?

        • It can take a while for us to confirm before we add to the membership list – but give the referendum is next week we are a bit behind on admin:-) Have you taken out a stakeholder membership – we need every penny to finish the campaign.

  • How desperate can you be ? Nice people but Captains of Industry no.
    Where are names from the businesses that matter to Scotland.
    Guess they are on The Better Together List.

    • That statement is completely untrue we have now published 300 names in 3 weeks and if you were just to look at the top ten employers on our list versus the entire No camp list then our top ten probably employ more people than the whole NO camp list. the No camp list has failed Tory candidates one of which just a few months ago confirmed to me that she had no staff and operated out of London.

      But thats not the point both lists state clearly that people sign as individuals and if you don’t think Souter, McColl, Duguid, Mathewson, Puri, Spowart, Ramzan, Godden, Erdal… are leading business people / captains of industry then how can anyone take anything you say seriously.

      • Yeh but the top 10 on the list includes Standard Life who are one of Scotlands top employers and came out against independence today…

        • Nope I didn’t include Standard Life or RBS just those that have headed companies in 2014. You will also find that Standard Life has stated it is neutral its CEO has shared a personal view but standard life also didn’t want Scotland to have devolution. They were wrong then, he is wrong now.

  • My payroll company serves the whole UK and is registered in England. I sold my home in Oxfordshire last November to come back to live in Scotland (after more than 40 years) so that I would be eligible to vote YES in the referendum. Do I qualify to join Business for Scotland?

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