Scotland the Brief

All you need to know about Scotland’s economy, its finances, independence and Brexit.


Scotland the Brief began as a collection of illustrated economic facts about Scotland published by Business for Scotland on social media. The Scotland the Brief images (see below) became immensely popular and generated more than 4 million views and shares on our website and via social media over a two-year period.

Now Scotland the Brief is to be published as a book that will answer all you need to know about Scotland’s economy, it’s finances independence and Brexit.  With an A6 sized Mini version to share and a standard a5 Maxi version to keep as a reference text.

Scotland the Brief summarises the in-depth investigation into the breadth, structure and quality of Scotlands economy by the Scotonomics research team at BfS, written in layman’s terms by Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp and professionally illustrated by Stewart Bremner to make it an easy to understand and absorb and fun to read.

Scotland the Brief will also come in the form of a mobile app so you can access it answers the burning question – Would Scotland prosper as an independent nation?

Often surprising but always interesting and enjoyable to read but also hard-hitting with more than 400 sourced and referenced facts mixed with credible and informed opinion.

The fact is that you cannot truly understand Scotland’s economy and it’s finance’s until you have read Scotland the Brief.  The truth has been hidden by a combination of accounting practices, misinformation and outright scaremongering and we explain why such misinformation exists.  We also take an in-depth look into the UK Government’s economic record, which we compare to other Western and Northern European nations with frankly quite shocking results.

Regardless of how you feel about Independence, Federalism or even Brexit, Scotland the Brief will open your eyes, engage and educate you supplying you with the facts you need to truly inform your opinion.

If you want to order copies of the new Scotland the Brief book, leaflets, download the mobile app and keep up to date with the book’s launch date, tell us using the form below.

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To read our Scotland the Brief articles, click here.

Here is a collection of the early illustrated fact images shared by Business for Scotland all of which have been updated and expanded upon for the book. 

With thanks to our crowdfunder backers who donated generously to ensure our Scotland the Brief project and research is a success.

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