First Minister: No Currency Deal, no Debt Deal

Scotland's First Minister speaking to the Vision for Scotland conference at Dynamic Earth on Wednesday August 6th explains why he will continue to press for and why we will get a currency union.

He discusses what other currency options are and why Westminster will accept the deal on offer.

This is because if there is no deal on currency there will be no deal on debt. A no debt option looks attractive to Scotland but we would rather have a deal that worked for our friends in the rest of the UK as well as for Scotland. Maintaining a common market and single currency is the solution that works best for all parties.

This video is a must watch for those that want to better understand the currency element of the independence debate. Note iPad and iPhones may require you to watch YouTube via an app;  link to video here


Business for Scotland explained the currency dimension of the debate over a year ago and very little has changed Euro, Pound Sterling or Scottish Pound?

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