About Scotland the brief

About Scotland the Brief

More than 60,000 copies SOLD

The new edition of Scotland the Brief is out NOW! Updated for 2023



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Scotland the Brief began as a collection of illustrated Scottish economic factspublished by Business for Scotland. Over two years, those graphics generated more than four million views and shares on our website and via social media. From that foundation, we’ve produced this book.

Scotland the Brief summarises an in-depth investigation into the breadth, structure and quality of Scotland’s economy. It is written in layman’s terms by Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp and colourfully illustrated by Stewart Bremner to make it easy to understand and absorb, as well as fun to read.

Here is what people who have purchased the book have told us:

“It’s great because it isn’t intimidating for people – small, clear, easy to read content and instantly informative.” – Jean, Inverness

It’s tremendous, good, relevant information and eye-catching presentation, and I know Yes groups are snapping up thousands of copies. Andy, Aberdeen

It’s a rare thing. A collection of information that feels as overdue in public recognition as it is staggering in the enormity of its impact. Sophie – Edinburgh

“I have given both books to friends who didn’t think Scotland could be independent. They said they didn’t realise how rich Scotland actually was. They are happy with independence now which is great.” Caroline – Glasgow

“I thought I was well up on the case for independence – but this book is a revelation of just how strong we could be.” John, Stirling

“If you are still undecided about Scotland’s ability to prosper as an independent country, I would urge you to read this. It takes away all the misconceptions and mistruths and you will wonder why you even hesitated. It’s a no-brainer!”  Susanne, North Berwick

“This book explodes the myth of Scotland being too poor to stand on its own. It also exposes why the British State fears to lose Scotland.” Graeme, Ardrossan

Scotland the Brief answers the burning question – would Scotland prosper as an independent nation?

We also take an in-depth look into the UK Government’s economic record, which we compare to other Western and Northern European nations – with frankly shocking results. The fact is that you cannot truly understand Scotland’s economy and its finances until you have read Scotland the Brief.

Regardless of how you feel about independence, Scotland the Brief will open your eyes, engage and educate you by supplying you with the facts you need to truly inform your opinion on Scotland’s future.

Scotland the Brief comes in two versions:

  1. The standard-sized A5 book nicknamed the Maxi contains a lot more information across 216 pages, backed up with a numbered list of 522 sources for facts throughout the book. A reference copy for anyone who wants to understand Scotland economy – The Maxi book retails at £7.50.
  2. The Mini, an A6 sized book is the quick reference copy (a 100-page abridged version of the full-sized book). It fits easily into a jacket pocket or handbag and most of the pre-orders are for people who intend to keep one to read and one to give to friends and colleagues. The Mini retails at £3.50.

All revenues from book sales are recycled into Business for Scotland’s active campaigns.

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You can test your knowledge and find out what you really know about Scotland’s economy and finances by taking our fun 4-minute quiz here.

In the next few weeks, we will launch our Scotland the Brief mobile app and host events across Scotland. If you would like to keep up to date with the events, be notified when the mobile app becomes available and receive Scotland the Brief project updates, tell us using the form below.