Why entrepreneurs have supported Scotland the Brief

Many thanks to our sponsors, without whom the detailed research required to complete this book could not have been carried out. Here is why they put their hands in their pockets:



THE MORE that people believe in Scotland, the more they will invest in Scotland and the more wealth that will be created for Scotland in the future. –Karen and Jim Reid, Chimaera Bio Limited

WE WERE very keen to support the Scotland the Brief project because it raises awareness about our country’s resources, our abilities and our potential. The research and policy work of Business for Scotland is crucial to promoting and providing evidence of both our current economy and our potential future.

– Deneka MacDonald and Derick Turner, E-Learn Design Ltd.

PEOPLE READING this book will get a wider understanding of the underlying strengths of Scotland’s economy. By providing well-researched and undeniable facts, this book lays a foundation that will help to finally swing the balance the other way and allow the nation’s nascent confidence to grow to its full potential.

– Françoise and Ian Henderson, Joint Managing Directors, Rubric Ltd.

BREXIT HAS undermined all trust in the Westminster political system and any semblance of credibility of the UK as a safe bet for people worried about constitutional change has disappeared. Scotland the Brief demonstrates that the UK is restricting Scotland’s economy from achieving its natural prosperity and diminishing its success. Scotland’s economic future is far safer in Scotland’s hands.

– Malcolm Purves, C-Tec Scotland and NE Ltd

THIS BOOK will be an important asset to people looking to make
up their minds in the next referendum on Scottish independence, ensuring everyone has the information on the economics of Scotland. The book looks towards how we will continue to lead the way and the further potential we have, which will improve with independence.

– Niall McLean, Geo-Rope Ltd