Twitter responds to Nicola Sturgeon’s eight-hour Holyrood evidence marathon

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Independence supporters and observers  rallied around the Yes cause after First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s marathon appearance yesterday before the Holyrood committee looking into the Scottish government’s handling of allegations levelled against her predecessor Alex Salmond.

Ms Sturgeon gave evidence for eight hours on many aspects of the events surrounding the allegations, including  claims she broke the ministerial code. Hundreds of tweets gave her the thumbs up. Tweets also suggested the SNP enjoyed a 5,000 rise in membership as a result.

Not everyone, of course, was impressed by the First Minister’s performance. The Scottish Conservatives, predictably, said it would go ahead with its threat to trigger a vote of no confidence in the Deputy First Minister John Swinney and the First Minister herself. However the Green Party has already suggested it would not back such a motion so its chances of success are pretty much nil.

We maintain our policy of not taking sides on internal issues within political parties and we will wait till we see the outcome of the ongoing enquiry and investigation before drawing conclusions – maybe others should do that too?

Here is just a selection of the reactions on Twitter – that seem to suggest that the Conservative party in Scotland trying to create a media circus around these events seems now to have backfired.

Jessica Wagener /Nare Vardanian @pseudonymphe: I moved to Scotland after an intense period of loss and grief. I made a fresh start and Glasgow my home. My hopes to be able to stay here rest on @NicolaSturgeon. She will lead Scotland to independence. No doubt. #IStandWithNicola

Marcus Carslaw @marcuscarslaw1: Sturgeon’s appeal to voters for the election is simple. You trusted me to lead you during the pandemic. Trust me again to lead the recovery and lead this country to independence.

Iain Dear @Iain643: Dear @BBCScotland & #gms Could we have a Tory led Parliamentary committee inquiry broadcast live each week please ?. The surge for #Independence in Scotland just Shot Up again. Thanks xxx

Gareth Finn @One_F_in_Finn: Scrolling through my twitter feed tonight has been a positive experience which is rare. A very warm welcome to those who have joined @theSNP and let’s now move forward to winning the Scottish Parliament election, winning the referendum and independence! #IStandWithNicola

the laird of 3 owls estate @Invisigoth8: Today Nicola Sturgeon has shown why she is the best leader in Britain and beyond …she hasn’t even broken a sweat…it has also shown the Scottish people the importance of independence after this which hunt….let’s make this May election a SNP majority

Jonathan Rowson @Jonathan_Rowson:  My impression is that #NicolaSturgeon is rising to the occasion. She appears to be persuading the room and the court of public opinion that she acted in good faith. This case, and the catharsis that will hopefully follow, may even strengthen the cause of Scottish Independence.

Bob B @datsun05: Sickened by the media onslaught against Nicola Sturgeon over very little whilst the Tories get away with murder & squandering £Billions unchallenged, joined the SNP for the first time today. Independence can’t come soon enough.

For God’s sake, our PM struggles to do a half hour presentation

Dr Lorna Gibb @LornaGibb: Anyone else, like me, completely overwhelmed with admiration for Nicola Sturgeon’s performance, whether you personally like her politics or not. It’s been hours and hours and she’s still going strong. For God’s sake, our PM struggles to do a half hour presentation.

Derec Thompson @DerecThompson:  I’ve been trying to find the words all day. I’m just in awe of the strength and resilience shown by @NicolaSturgeon in the face of constant attacks from every direction. She is, without a doubt, one of the greatest politicians of modern times. No wonder they fear her.

Kate Forbes MSP @KateForbesMSP: Nicola Sturgeon answered every question yesterday in one of the longest Committee sessions ever in the Scot Parl & completely dismantled the oppositions’ allegations. Today, Ruth Davidson chooses to repeat the same questions, showing this is always about politics for Tories.

Sharon Gathercole @Sharonwife: The worst possible thing the unionists could have done for their cause is platform @NicolaSturgeon and allow the whole UK to watch her shine under pressure in real time. The unfavourable comparisons with BJ and WM politics are inevitable.

Adam Ramsay @AdamRamsay: I have not been following the Salmond/Sturgeon stuff as closely as some, but isn’t the bottom line that@NicolaSturgeon was told her mentor and friend of two decades had mistreated women and took the brave choice to believe the women? Isn’t that… what we’d want?

WG Saraband  @wgsaraband: In eight hours, Nicola Sturgeon laid waste to *months* of conspiracy theories. She came out of that committee in a stronger position than she went in, because she spoke frankly. That’s why so many want to take her down. We’re lucky to have her lead the independence movement.

BothwellIndependista @arichmondScot: You have to laugh. @jackiebmsp @murdo fraser have been calling for months for @NicolaSturgeon to be taken off air. Today they put the  @ScotGovFM on air from breakfast to dinner time, her leadership shown and thousands have joined the  @theSNP. Thank u Jackie & Murdo.

I cried today watching Nicola Sturgeon inspire & give strength to women like me

Cllr Julie McKenzie  @joolsmc: I cried today watching @NicolaSturgeon inspire & give strength to women like me who have not always been believed & women I know who have been silenced by the fear of the repercussions of reporting. For all of us the FM provides a beacon lighting the darker corridors of power

PhilM @PhilMyers53: I’ve sat + listened to Nicola Sturgeon. I think I understand the issues better. I believe she is the most honest + sincere politician I’ve seen for many a year I’m sure she’s made some mistakes but she’s honest enough to say she’s not perfect

Clare Hepworth OBE @Hepworthclare: I don’t know what the rights & wrongs of the Sturgeon/Salmond issues are. But I do know that Nicola Sturgeon endured 8 hrs of intensive detailed question with dignity and composure. A feat Johnson couldn’t even aspire to, given his inabilty to answer the most simple questions.

Leah MacRae @leah_macrae:@NicolaSturgeon being asked if she should apologise to the nation for trusting Alex Salmond & encouraging others to took my breath away. Her answer: ‘The only person who should apologise for Alex Salmond’s behaviour is Alex Salmond’ was bang on. What a question to ask.

To see just how far we still have to go to ensure women are safe at work you need only look at the First Minister being asked to apologise for her male predecessor’s actions

Mhairi Black MP @MhairiBlack: To see just how far we still have to go to ensure women are safe at work you need only look at the First Minister being asked to apologise for her male predecessor’s actions, or at the suggestion from one member that the First Minister should have intervened to force arbitration.

hardeep singh kohl @misterhsk: I’ve known @NicolaSturgeon since I was 17. There are few more principled, more honourable and more honest. Perhaps we have become unaccustomed to our politicians trying to tell the truth. She is the best of us. #StandWithNicola Cue the haters…

[email protected]: I think the fact that some sectors of the scottish left see people joining the SNP in the wake of Sturgeon’s grilling yesterday as somehow perverse as opposed to people feeling a sense of empathy and solidarity with her and feeling inspired back into the movement explains a lot

Tony McKelvie @TonyMcKelvie: Nicola Sturgeon spent over 7 hours giving evidence today before the committee inquiring into the fallout from what is in effect an astonishing error in HR practice. That’s longer than Tony Blair spent giving evidence before the Chilcot Inquiry into the UK’s role in the Iraq war.

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