I have always been happy with the concept of a second EU referendum as it sets a precedent: that if one side lies, cheats and can’t deliver the promises it made in order to win, we get to ask the question again. And that’s just as applicable to a second independence referendum. The SNP politicians who see it differently are simply demonstrating a worrying lack of tactical awareness.

The final twist is that if there is a choice between no deal and Theresa May’s deal, then no deal will lose, meaning the DUP are screwed, and a General Election will follow. If the Brexiteers (European Research Group) were to get the 48 signatures to force a no-confidence vote, then we will perhaps have a Tory leadership challenge, but that doesn’t look likely.

Many in the independence movement mistakenly think that a no-deal or hard Brexit justifies a second independence referendum, but that comes with hard borders between Scotland and the rest of the UK if an independent Scotland were to maintain SM/CU membership via EFTA. It would be far better to have open borders guaranteed and better access to the single market than the rest of the UK. Nonetheless, the very real economic damage of even a soft Brexit to Scotland’s economy justifies and will help to win independence referendum.

They need to be patient while Westminster paints itself into a corner. And remember: that it’s not an independence referendum they want, it’s a Yes vote.

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