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BfS is launching a new independence campaign

BfS have decided to start a new independence campaign. We are not waiting for a referendum to be called but are looking to help the wider independence movement in order to drive support for independence above 55% so the Scottish Government can call a 2020 referendum from a winning position.

BfS aims to demonstrate to all of Scotland’s citizens how independence can lead to greater shared prosperity.

An initiative such as our Independence Ambassador Programme, our Scotland the Brief book, our Clarity report and conference (a new economics for a new Scotland) and our annual dinner in September will boost support for independence.   Every month till the end of the year we will step-up our campaign, one big-hitting project at a time. By the end of 2019 BfS and our partners plan to have independence support rising to the level at which we can “call it and win it”

Every pound donated helps take Scotland closer to independence. Can you donate £5.00 a month, or become a Stakeholder level donor by donating £10.00 a month?

By becoming a Stakeholder donor you are eligible for a free copy of our Scotland the Brief book, a free space on an Ambassador Training Course and to attend our annual Stakeholders meeting. 

To become a Stakeholder, you must donate over £120.00 per year or a monthly rate of over £10.00 per month.

However, you can donate as much, or as little as you like and it all helps.

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Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp

Founder and Chief Executive

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