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1950s Covenant:

21st century Covenant:

Scotland’s Ethereum independence blockchain:

21st century Covenant source social media:

(Plus additional ask to join page, DSC Outlets and Volunteers)

Business for Scotland Blockchain Trilogy

  • Democracy:

  • Academic:

  • Political:

Article with Martin Docherty-Hughes MP, ‘Trust is Timeless’ no longer listed by Business for Scotland.

Scotland and Blockchain for social good?

Nicholas Russell Bella Caledonia article was number 1 in the world for 18 months on google, for search term ‘Blockchain Democracy’

Business for Scotland calls for The Scottish Common Blockchain:

The citizen volunteer community who have delivered the 21st century Covenant:

Dr Mark McNaught. Developmental prototype of a written Constitution for Scotland.


Scottish Digital Assembly, holding page:

2020 forthcoming 1,320 miles, The Long Walk to Freedom:

Powered by The Scottish People:

2020 forthcoming 1,320 miles, The Long Walk to Freedom, project mapping and infrastructure:

2018’s 500 miles Blockchain walk: