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Scottish Business Buzz (22.02.17)

NB Gin’s limited edition bottles to make appearance at BRIT Awards

From an East Lothian village to serving music’s biggest stars from hand-etched BRIT-inspired bottles from glassware designer Lydia Macdonald, NB Gin will be a drinks sponsor at the office Sony BRIT Awards after-party for the third year in a row.

Viv continues: “The journey that we’ve been on with NB Gin been phenomenal. When we first started out, we were experimenting with botanicals using an old pressure cooker in our kitchen. Now, NB is recognised as one of the world’s finest gins and we even have the award to prove it.

“Being selected for events like the BRITs, for the third year in a row, really does make all the hard work worthwhile and shows how respected the brand is on a world stage.

“The limited edition bottles look fabulous and we’re thrilled to be sharing a little bit of our home with all our favourite musicians and friends alike.”

NB Gin was launched by lawyers Viv and Steve Muir from North Berwick in 2013. The craft gin quickly built up a reputation as one of Scotland’s finest gins and was championed by renowned party architect to the stars Johnny Roxburgh.

Scottish independence “sweet deal” for the EU, says constitutional expert 

Jeff King, Professor of Law at University College London, and specialist in the UK constitution has argued that despite Scotland not being abel to veto Brexit from within the UK, this did not mean Scotland would need to leave the EU.

“Independence for Scotland could very well be a sweet deal for the rest of the European Union,” King told a European Commission event.

“The independence movement, which has some extremely good politicians in it, is going to be in the strongest position they have been for a long time.”

Commenting, Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh, SNP trade spokeswoman at Westminster said,

“As far as what happens next, we are really waiting for the government to confirm what their position is in relation to our document, Scotland’s Place in Europe,” she told me. “Are they going to agree to a differentiated agreement for Scotland, and if not, then a decision will require to be taken.”

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KITE Power Systems opens head office in Glasgow, following plans to establish a research and test facility 

KITE Power Systems (KPS) is undertaking a recruitment drive as it consolidates its activities in Scotland, opening a head office in Glasgow, following plans to establish a research and test facility in Dumfries & Galloway.

KPS’s technology works by tethering kites to a winch system that generates electricity as it spools out. Kite power requires lower capital expenditure than conventional offshore turbines as it doesn’t require the installation of turbines and their foundations.

The company has already secured planning consent to deploy a 500kW power system from April this year. This, said the company, will lead to a planned onshore demonstration array of multiple 500kW systems within the next three to four years elsewhere in Scotland.

Thereafter, KPS plans to develop a 3MW onshore system at West Freugh and then deploy a similar sized power system in offshore waters.

David Ainsworth, KPS business development director said: “As well as its proximity to our testing facility, [Glasgow] offers a wealth of resources, expertise and talent in engineering design and manufacture.

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Latest awards from European Maritime and Fisheries fund sees 41 Scottish projects benefit

Fishing industry projects across Scotland will share in £8m fund. The funding includes £6m from the European Union, £1.5m from the Scottish Government, and public sources making up £500,000.

Fisheries Secretary Fergus Ewing said: “This £8m investment will encourage growth and protect jobs in the sea fisheries and aquaculture industry by allowing businesses to upgrade technology and buy new equipment.

“This is just one example of why EU funding is so important as it is helping the sea fisheries sector improve the quality of its products and enabling them to develop more environmentally friendly methods.”

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Mark Tiffney, of Dynamic Core Studios Clydebank asks what are your priorities? 

“There are not enough hours in the day!”

When you run your own business, or are working your way up the corporate ladder, this is an extremely common phrase. I know I say it much more than I’d care to admit.

However, the truth is, time is constant and it’s just a matter of how you prioritize that time.

And if everything is a priority, then nothing truly is.

So, I have a potential solution I invite you to try out.

List your top 5 life priories. These can be anything, but the common ones for most will be things like, your family; career; god (if you are so inclined); health; finances; hobby (for many golfers in particular this is often high up); pets; your nation (Independence).

These can be as small (coin collection) or as large (world peace) as you like, but look to list them in order of importance so, if it really came to it, one lower on the list would be sacrificed if it was to the detriment of something higher up.

Now you will have a clear view of your priorities.

Why is this part of a health and fitness post? You are likely expecting me to put fitness as the number one priority. Far from it. But I would suggest that if you haven’t put yourself and your own happiness in one of the top 2 or 3 spots, then you should review your thoughts. And part of being happy is generally being healthy.

Statistically speaking 70% of all new year’s resolutions have been dropped by this time of year and the reason is, they were never truly a priority.

Without your health and wellbeing, your personal happiness, work output, relationships, energy and your ability to give to any of your other priorities, is going to suffer. So, whilst I do not think your health and fitness should be number one, I do think it should make everyone’s list. And only when the pursuit of improvement in that area is genuinely hampering the parts of your life listed higher (too much time at the gym affecting your relationships or skipping a workout being the difference between gaining and losing a contract) should it be sacrificed.

By having the list, you can always evaluate, with more clarity, the use of your time.

Time will continue to move regardless and by giving your time to one thing, you are, by default, taking it away from everything else. When you think of it that ways, sometimes saying no to things to be accommodating or helpful could be seen as saying no to time with your family, saying your health and fitness is not important and if you have the list, you will know that is not the case.

So, make the list and continually review it over the coming weeks and see what a difference it makes. And if it does make a difference, let me know, I’d love to hear about it.

Until next time, I hope you become the priority in your life that you deserve to be.


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