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Scottish Business Buzz (15.08.18)

Written by Michelle Rodger

Electric cars could be charged in a matter of seconds using a revolutionary battery system developed by a team of Scottish scientists, it has been claimed.

Researchers at the University of Glasgow have adapted nano-molecules so they are able to store either electric power or hydrogen gas, creating a flexible dual-output battery system.

The energy released can take the form of electricity or gas – meaning that the system could be used flexibly in situations that might require fuel or electric power.

The team of chemists says the breakthrough could lead to electric cars being charged in seconds, as the nano-molecules can be contained in a pumpable liquid. This could mean that the battery of an electric car could be “recharged” in roughly the same length of time as petrol cars are today, with the old battery liquid being removed simultaneously.

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Eight Scottish councils have pledged to work together to boost tourist numbers to the west of Scotland by an additional 1 million over the next five years, enhancing overall visitor experience and growing spend.

The Glasgow City Region tourism strategy was agreed by leaders of the eight Glasgow City Region councils.

It forms part of the collaborative work being delivered through the joint Glasgow City Region economic strategy, launched last year, which set out a range of measures to grow the economy, jobs and business.

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A Scottish steel plant has vowed to win back market share in the import-dominated market for heavy-duty steel that is used in bridges, buildings and battleships.

The Liberty Steel Dalzell plant in Motherwell in North Lanarkshire put across that message to Cabinet Secretary for Finance and the Economy Derek Mackay in a visit there today.

He was told the steel mill was in the process of battling back in a plate steel market that has been dominated in recent years by imports from continental Europe and South Korea.

Dalzell is now the only remaining UK-owned large producer of plate steel, an ultra-tough product used for demanding applications such as large physical structures, ship bodies, undersea oil pipes, bulldozers and wind towers.

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Edinburgh International Conference Centre has secured a prestigious health conference that it is claimed will bring £3.3 million into the Scottish economy and help reinforce the country’s global research and professional standing.

The EICC beat several other European cities to host 2,000 experts for the World One Health Congress, a four-day conference on tackling infectious diseases in humans and animals such as Ebola.

Backers said the news bolsters Scotland’s position as one of the world’s leading hubs for medical and health expertise, and is a significant win for Convention Edinburgh, EICC and the city’s medical and veterinary community.

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Levels of investment in Scotland’s commercial property market have hit a record high in the second quarter of 2018 following a sluggish start, thanks in part to the resurgence of domestic investors, according to JLL’s half year capital markets review.

Despite a sluggish Q1, a record total of £1.4bn was invested between January and June this year, an 86 per cent increase on the same period in 2017, and well above the UK average volume growth of 23 per cent.

This has been driven by the major cities, with £692m traded in Edinburgh and £344m in Glasgow.

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