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Scottish Business Buzz (15.03.17)

Written by Rhona Middler

Scottish/ UK post-Brexit maps now available on Avenza Maps.

Business for Scotland member XYZ Maps have teamed up with Avenza Systems Inc., producers of MAPublisher® cartographic software for Adobe® Illustrator® and Geographic Imager® geospatial tools for Adobe Photoshop®, to announce that updated political maps of the European Union are now available on the Avenza Map Store.

After a sensational launch in Europe of the printed versions, map publisher XYZ Maps, is making the digital maps available through Avenza’s market-leading, award-winning mobile mapping app, Avenza Maps. Recently featured in the Scottish newspaper, The National, the standard EU 2019 – Post Brexit map shows the UK out of the EU. However, the map attracting widespread attention is the alternative Scottish EU 2019 – Post Brexit map as it shows an independent Scotland still a member of the EU to highlight recent political changes.

Ted Florence, President of Avenza Systems Inc. said,

“We continuously support all of our map publishers who strive to improve maps for everyone.

“The ease and speed of which maps can be published to a world-wide audience using the Avenza Maps platform is unparalleled,” Historic events that change the political horizon are documented not only by the media and social networks, but also in maps because it can affect the way we travel and move.”

The Scottish EU 2019 – Post Brexit map and other maps of the EU and UK published by XYZ Maps are available on the Avenza Map Store.

£1.87m investment for Scottish culture

Promoting collaboration between arts and business, 120 projects have benefitted from £1.87m in funding, through partnerships between business services, financial and legal sectors.

Funded by the Scottish Government via Creative Scotland and run by Arts & Business Scotland, the New Arts Sponsorship Grants programme has been running since 2006, and is open to all Scottish businesses interested in sponsoring an arts or heritage project.

Chief Executive of Arts & Business Scotland David Watt said:

“Looking back over the past decade, this programme clearly demonstrates the mutual benefits of successful partnership between arts and business. I would urge those businesses unfamiliar with the programme to find out more about just how rewarding arts sponsorship can be – and the hugely positive impact it can have on their reputation, profile and bottom line.

“With the participation and support of even more businesses, we look forward to making 2017 another year to remember for arts and business collaboration across Scotland.”

In total the New Arts Sponsorship Grants programme has invested over £7.5m across more than 500 arts and heritage projects.

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Scottish unemployment rate falls 

Unemployment in Scotland fell by 16,000 between November and January, making the jobless rate now 4.7%, matching the figure of the UK as a whole.

Employment in Scotland now stands at 73.7%, just below the UK average of 74.6%.

Scottish Chambers of Commerce chief executive Liz Cameron said: “The latest set of unemployment figures for Scotland is very encouraging and show that our unemployment rate has fallen back towards parity with the UK rate.

“However, despite a rise in employment levels, our employment rate remains below the overall UK rate and below the Scottish rate for the same period last year.

“With employment growing and unemployment falling, our governments north and south of the border urgently need to plan for how businesses’ future skills needs will be met, both from our domestic pool of talent and from overseas talent.”

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New Scottish gin award scheme to promote quality 

The Scottish Gin Awards, sponsored by the Scottish Gin Society, aims to to reward achievements in gin distilling.

Scotland now produces more than 70% of the gin consumed in the UK and exports are predicted to outsell whisky by 2020.

An independent judging panel, including some of the foremost gin experts in the UK, will gather later this year to decide the winners in 12 categories covering business achievements and taste.

Stephen White, founder of the free-to-enter contest, said: “The Scottish Gin Awards will give Scottish producers a fantastic opportunity for further business growth at a national and international level.

“Gin exports are at an all-time high and predicted to increase further, so winning one of these awards will give Scottish gins further distinction and positive sales advantage.”

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Mark Tiffney from Clydebank’s Dynamic Core Studios asks are you managing your budget?

When it comes to finance, most people handle the basics in a similar way. Before splurging on ‘luxury’ items, you ensure the essentials are covered. For example, you wouldn’t go out and buy a new watch, pair of jeans, a new pair of shoes and a night at the theatre and THEN check to see if there was enough left to pay the mortgage, utilities and rates.

If your income was extremely tight, these essentials may be all that is paid that month.

When it comes to nutrition the same principles should apply, but rarely do.

Your body needs a level of essential nutrients just to survive. And a higher intake to operate and function correctly.

On a very basic level, without water, for an extended period, you wouldn’t survive. But although a small amount may allow survival, every function in your body requires water and so, to function optimally, you need a reasonable intake on a regular basis.

Similarly, your body needs amino acids to function properly and whilst most of these can be produced internally, there are a number that must be ingested or your system won’t have them available and will not function properly. These are known as Essential Amino Acids (the clue is in the name, they are essential to optimal function).

You could add to this Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) as well as the correct balance of vitamins, minerals and proper intake of glycogen to allow proper brain function, muscle growth, recovery and immune function.

Those looking to lose weight require an energy deficit to achieve that. So, more energy expended than consumed.

If you take that too far you will have insufficient nutritional intake to function optimally and systems will begin to shut down causing energy output to slow. Rather than burning fat for fuel, the body will begin cannibalizing muscle tissue, which in turn will cause a decrease in bone density.

Far from the desired effect.

The resultant lowering of energy output means that fat loss, going forward, is going to be hampered.

The only way to optimally burn fat is to ensure that all the essentials are being covered. Thus, being in a calorie deficit requires food choices to be nutritious and filling.

If the goal was to add mass, build muscle or increase strength, then a calorie surplus is required. But this still doesn’t mean eating recklessly. The bills still must be paid. However, so long as the essentials are covered, additional energy intake can, to some degree, be a little more ‘frivolous’ and there is more scope for less nutritious choices and indulgences.

Often, the complaint is that healthy choices are too expensive in comparison to unhealthy options. And next time I’m going to show you why that is not the case.

Until then, treat your body with the same respect that you treat your bank balance and have an energy filled, optimally fueled week.

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