Scotland the Brief – Background

In 2022, we began working on the updated version of Scotland the Brief. The book has now become more important than ever as Scotland moves towards a General Election with a mandate for independence.

The new book is an expansion of the previous edition of Scotland the Brief, with 216 pages of information backed up by 522 sources. New sections have also been added including the implementation of Brexit, Scotland in comparison to other small European nations and the possibility of building a stronger economy with independence. 


Scotland the Brief began as a collection of illustrated Scottish economic facts published by Business for Scotland. Over two years, those blue graphics generated more than four million views and shares on our website and via social media. From that foundation, we’ve produced our new books.

Here is a collection of the early illustrated fact images shared by Business for Scotland, all of which have been updated and expanded upon for the book. 


Thank you to our crowdfunder supporters, who donated generously to ensure our Scotland the Brief project and research is a success.

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