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‘Scared witless’ … Twitter on Boris Johnson in Scotland

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Boris Johnson arrived in Scotland yesterday for a two-day photo opportunity … and proceeded to alienate as many people as possible.

Ahead of the trip he refused an invitation from First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to discuss the pandemic recovery. Johnson went on to tell Scotland a second independence referendum was not in its interests … despite the fact that voters returned a majority of pro-independence MSPs at the last Scottish elections in May.

Social media was full of dismissive comments about the Prime Minister’s visit. Here’s just a selection.

Fruad Alakbarov @Dr Alakbarov

Nobody loves Boris Johnson in Scotland, unless you’re involved in one of his dodgy deals

TrevorSwann @swann trevor

Predictably ignorant behaviour by Boris Johnson in Scotland

Flying the Saltire @jmck26911962

Boris is the PM of the UK government, Nicola is Scotland’s First Minister and it’s totally unacceptable that Boris visits Scotland and that he and his minions do not have a meeting on their itinerary. It shows total disrespect

Joe Baz Esq @josephballs

Boris Johnson’s global Britain can’t even extend beyond its own borders! The Americans eventually wised up to Trump, when are the English going to wise up to BoJo?

Paul Davidson @elementalPaul

My mum’s thoughts on Boris Johnson not meeting with Nicola Sturgeon on his visit to Scotland: ‘he’s probably scared witless* of her. [*she didn’t say witless but it does rhyme!]

Mark @MarkAntiRacist

There is a huge backlash today in Scotland after this, massive support for Sturgeon. Boris has put his foot in his mouth again

It does all make you wonder who are the incompetents advising Boris Johnson on Scotland

Alex Tiffin @RespectIsVital

Boris Johnson is visiting Scotland as First Minister of England. He must be as he’s only visiting things devolved to the Scottish Parliament, police energy etc. You have no authority there @BorisJohnson, read the Scotland Act, read it and understand it

Edward Harkins @EdwardHarkins

It does all make you wonder who are the incompetents advising Boris Johnson on Scotland. This farce, & the time he ran away from the Scottish media… & remember that non-existent ‘camping-in-a-tent’ break in Scotland?

Carolyne Kershaw @CarolyneKershaw

When he went to Bute House soon after becoming PM he sneaked out the back because of the protestors out the front

War Rocket Ajax @ WarRocketAjaxUK

Really good you are doing a farewell tour of Scotland Boris Johnson, the last Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Nick Heller @NGH1875

Only a major league scaredy-cat would refuse an invitation to meet with Scotland’s First Minister while visiting Scotland. Choosing to hang out with Douglas Ross instead confirms Boris Johnson is not a serious person

Andrew Beveridge @AndrewBeverid15

Incompetent, inept and completely disingenuous is the only way to describe Boris trying vainly to answer why he inexcusably chose to snub The First Minister of Scotland on the Nine this evening

Frances Williams @FranJWilliams

Isn’t it incredibly rude and disrespectful to go to Scotland and not to meet the Scottish First Minister? Or am I missing something?

MassiVeMaC @SchengenStory

Boris Johnson jets into Scotland with visit to police college just 30 miles from Sturgeon’s Edinburgh residence after rejecting her offer of talks – but denies it is a snub

Paul Templeman @PaulTempleman6

Scotland is a country. It has a government and a parliament and a leader that is 10 times more proficient than Boris Johnson. It has a police force that reports to the Scottish parliament. Johnson should bear the reporting line in mind and have some sensitivity. That’s all

Boris Johnson didn’t send one of his lackies to insult the people of Scotland. He came up to Scotland for 2 days in order to insult them himself

RichardDalgleish @RichardDalglei4

I think Boris is a big bairn but make your own mind up

Gordon Middleton @fvvrapledge

Boris Johnson didn’t send one of his lackies to insult the people of Scotland. He came up to Scotland for 2 days in order to insult them himself

Petri Cassidy @PetriCassidy

Parody Prime Minister & Mayor of Brexitland Boris Johnson has refused to meet with the First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon. He’s always been afraid of intelligent powerful women so no surprise there. He’s an embarrassment

Dan’s Moby @DanMoby

Boris Johnson is NOT visiting Scotland … He is going to a couple of organized photo shoots, with security, today and tomorrow then leaving …That’s NOT visiting Scotland, he’s too scared to “visit Scotland’’


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