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This page carries examples of our media coverage and will be updated every month. We are only sharing those where we were quoted or we created the news story, hopefully we have picked the most relevant ones for you.


Scottish Voters must send clear message – we won’t be ignored, The Daily Record, 13.05.19

Brexit: Labour-Tory customs deal would cost Scotland £5.9 billion, The National front page 11.05.19





Scots business group rebukes claim that Glasgow ‘would benefit from Brexit’, The National, 30.11.18

Scotland turns to blockchain for independence debate, Live Bitcoin News, 24.10.18

Caledonian Printers search for rays of hope in the Brexit fog, Printweek, 11.06.18

£120k fund to boost ‘grassroots’ push for Indyref2, The Scotsman, 06.06.18

Massive new Indy fund created to support grassroots Yes campaigns, The National 06.06.18

Ambassador Training: learning to win, Newsnet Scotland, 29.05.18

Want to become a Yes ambassador? This might interest you … The National, 23.05.18

UK Labour poised to back federal Britain, Sunday Herald, 13.05.18

Union urges harder fight on bank closures, Aberdeen Press and Journal, 24.04.18

Time for Scotland to have a national retail bank?, The National, 19.04.18

Local firms concerned about bank closures, Central FM, 18-04-18

Indyref2 timing is ‘red herring’, says Yes campaigner, Scotsman, 15.04.18

Business for Indy reveals policies to make economic case for indy, The National, 11.04.18

Indy Scotland ‘should unshackle itself from the pound’,

The National front page, 10.04.18

This economic strategy will champion a new political pluralism  The National 10.4.18




Scottish business leaders fearful over customs union exit, Sunday Herald 11.02.18


John Beattie Radio Scotland with Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp discussing late payment to SMEs  via @YouTube


Lesley Riddoch: UK’s failure to protect Scotland brand is one of many reasons No voters are now thinking again, The National 21.12.17

“Absolute bloody shambles”: Scottish businesses abandon hope in UK Government’s Brexit negotiations, Common Space 18.12.17

 Scotland’s business leaders overwhelmingly condemn Brexit, Sunday Herald 17.12.17

Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp talks tax avoidance, land reform and the need to collect tax from large corporates to end austerity and balance the weight of taxation between large corporates and individuals (in response to Scotland raising of higher band income tax rates).

From The Alex Salmond radio show on LBC Leading Britain’s Conversation 17.12.17

Tax rate hike risks hitting revenue, Derek Mackay warned, Scotland on Sunday 10.12.17

Nicola Sturgeon warned of business ‘consensus’ against planned income tax hike, The Telegraph 10.12.17

SNP feeling the heat as business leaders fire out tax hike warning ahead of budget, Daily Record 11.12.17

Derek Mackay must find £500m for Greens or Lib Dems to support budget, The Times (paywall) 11.12.17



Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp speaks to Al Jazeera News Network about the importance to Scotland of remaining in the EU – Scotland pays 8.5% of the membership fee but receives 17.4% of all EU grants to the UK, so does proportionally better so a hard Brexit would be more damaging for Scotland.


Sturgeon must do more to woo SMEs if she is to win indyref2 says leading Yes supporting business group, The Scotsman, 26.10.17

Watching, Wondering, Waiting: UK Pro-Independence Movements Look to Take Their Lead From Catalonia, Sputnik, 17.10.17

Exclusive research on how voters are thinking about independence to be presented at SIC conference, The National, 16.10.17

Catalonia closely watched from Scotland to the South Pacific, AP and The Daily Mail, 11.10.17

Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp was interviewed by RT on…  Independence and self determination a growing global trend.

The RT interview provoked an unusual story from The Express;  the muddled headline suggested that Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp  ironically claimed Brexit is only about ‘nationalism’, when in fact he was claiming that it’s ironic that Brexit is actually all about nationalism. The comments are equally confused. The Express, 10.10.17

Even our competitors can’t help but mention Business for Scotland in their publicity interviews. This interview with Robert Kilgour of Scottish Business UK, a fledgling pro union setup, is behind the Financial Times paywall, but here’s our mention:





Annual Dinner 2017 coverage

Scotland’s SNP must come up with ‘doable’ independence plan after Brexit – Salmond, Reuters 08.09.17

Salmond: EFTA membership could be secured quickly for an independent Scotland, Aberdeen Evening Express


Alex Salmond calls for Scotland to be in free trade area to escape ‘full English Brexit’, The Herald 07.09.17

Scotland can use Norway model, says Salmond, The Times 08.09.17

Alex Salmond says SNP should consider joining EFTA as part of IndyRef2 plans in bid to woo yes voters, The Sun 07.09.17

Alex Salmond calls for Scotland to be in free trade area to escape ‘full English Brexit’, Evening Times 07.09.17

Scotland’s SNP must come up with ‘doable’ independence plan after Brexit – Salmond, The Daily Mail 08.09.17

Alex Salmond signals indyref2 could be after 2021 election, iNews, 09.09.17

Scotland in Europe: Alex Salmond backs EFTA membership for indy Scotland, Common Space 08.09.17

Alex Salmond: Scotland joining EFTA should be on next independence ballot, The National 08.09.17

Alex Salmond signals indyref2 could be after 2021 election, The Scotsman 08.09.17

Irrefutable research thats proves UK Government squandered Scotland s oil and gas revenues.

August 2017

On the publication of our oil sector governance research

The truths and irrelevancies about Scottish oil, Common Space 01.09.17

Westminster and the big lie about Scotland, The Sunday Herald, 20.08.17

Oil ‘mismanagement’ blamed for Scotland’s deficit, The Courier 20.08.17

Oil mismanagement letter to The Courier 26.08.17

I still back independence but the SNP needs to get smarter, Kevin McKenna, The Herald 26.08.17


Scottish independence ‘business opportunity of a lifetime’ says influential Yes group, iNews 31.07.17

Independence offers business opportunity of a lifetime, The Scotsman 31.07.17

Time for wider Yes movement to campaign for independence, Kevin McKenna, The Herald 01.07.17

‘Ignore the unionist media talking down Scottish business’; our experts on the GDP figures, The National 06.07.17

Scottish SMEs feel left out of the general election campaign, Elite Business Magazine, 08.06.17

Scottish businesses demand rethink on Brexit, GMK in The Herald 11.06.17

– Small business owners support Sturgeon’s plans for another referendum, The Guardian, 06.04.17

We don’t back any political party – this is the Herald getting it wrong.

– Indyref2: campaign to make business case for Union launched, The Scotsman, 04.04.17

Kilgour rallies business to support union, Daily Business, 04.04.17

The Ukranian argument for Scottish independence, Bloomberg View 29.03.17

Indy groups hail Holyrood vote as first “important step” towards a new Scotland, Common Space 28.03.17

Not oil but trade – the economic case for Scottish independence, Times of Malta (via Reuters) 23.03.17

OIL PLAN ‘BACKFIRED’ Pro-Scottish independence group claims Treasury threw away £17bn in taxes by slashing North Sea levies, The Scottish Sun, 22.03.17

On our predictions of a second Independence referendum

Business leaders say call for indyref2 means more uncertainty for Scottish firms, The Courier, 14.03.17

The day after The Scotsman front page carries our attack on the rates debacle, the Scottish Government changed its mind.


Derek Mackay to act on business rates as firms step up pressure, The Scotsman 21.02.17

– PREPARE FOR INDY2 Pro-Scottish indy business group claim new referendum will be called ‘within weeks’, The Scottish Sun, 19.02.17

– Indyref2 to be called within weeks, claim campaigners, STV News, 19.02.17

Business for Scotland predicts Indyref2 announcement within weeks, BBC Scotland News, 19.02.17

– Second Scottish independence referendum ‘weeks away’ from being called, The Herald, 19.02.17

What do business leaders think of Theresa May’s Brexit speech?, The Guardian, 17.01.17


Various 2016

Carney moves into damage-limitation mode as Brexit fallout begins, The National, 06.07.16

– The DisUnited Kingdom? Scotland renews push for ‘liberation’ after Brexit, PBS

We didn’t predict the snap election thought and that the referendum would (wrongly) be put on hold

NewsHour, 27.06.16

– Big firms ‘may head north’ if Scotland stays part of the EU, Sunday Post, 26.06.16

– Second Scottish independence referendum is highly likely after Brexit: Scotland First Minister, 25.06.16

Business for Scotland lists ‘broken promises’ Daily Business 24.03.2016

– Britain’s financial sector reels after Brexit bombshell, Reuters, 24.06.16

– Scottish leader: New independence referendum ‘highly likely’, Yahoo News, 24.06.16

– Experts split on Scotland’s future in EU, Common Space, 24.06.16

– Brexit vote stirs calls in Scotland, Northern Ireland to leave U.K., CBS News, 24.06.16

Brexit would impact Scotland differently to the rest of the UK, says business network, The National, 09.06.16

We’re IN profit: Scotland nets £20 for every £1 we give EU, The Sun, 09.06.16

EU referendum: Is EU a ‘force for good’ or ‘stranglehold’?, The Scotsman, 26.05.16

GERS: Economy resilient despite oil revenues decline, The National, 10.03.16

– Economist Mike Danson: Scotland needs a “fundamental restructuring” of its economy #GERS, Common Space, 09.03.16

– Business body brands north-east City Region Deal “disappointing”, Press and Journal, 30.01.16

David Cameron defends visa block saying foreign graduates should not do menial jobs, The Herald,

Pro and anti Brexit camps step up efforts to woo business, Financial Times, 10.01.16

Various 2015

Electoral commission concludes assement of allegations against Business for Scotland and the SNP, The Electoral Commission 15.10.15

Various 2015

Various 2014

September 2014

Would go-alone Scotland be richer outside UK? CNN 17.09.14

Scottish independence: From oil and the economy to the pound and the Queen, the hot topics driving the referendum debate, The Independent 14.09.14

August 2014

Scottish independence: which businesses are in the Yes or No camps? The Guardian 10.09.14

200 business leaders sign up to say Yes to independence, The Herald 24.08.14

Now 200 business leaders are backing Scottish independence Management Today 28.08.14

Video & Radio

Rob Aberdein of BfS on Sky News points out Gordon Brown’s federal failure. Watch here

Jazz FM, 05.07.16, CEO and Founder of Business for Scotland, Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp talks about Scottish independence and Brexit on Jazz FM Business Hour. Listen here.

BBC 5 News, 03.02.16, CEO and Founder of Business for Scotland, Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp speaks on Prime Minister EU reform discussions

BBC World at One 27.01.16, CEO and Founder of Business for Scotland, Gordon McIntyre-Kemp speaks on the Aberdeen City Deal



Kenny Anderson of #BizforScotland Aberdeen on Sky News dispelling Westminster oil myths on Sky News.

Kenny Anderson of BfS Aberdeen on Sky News “independence good for Scotland’s oil industry”. Watch here





Also every Thursday in The National Newspaper our Chief Executive Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp writes Scotland’s most talked about and influential economic and business policy column.