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Over 100 Business People Attend Business For Scotland Event

Written by Michael Gray

DSC00109Growing support for Scottish independence amongst the business community was on show last Wednesday in Glasgow.

Over 100 business professionals from a range of sectors met for the latest Business for Scotland presentation and networking event at the National Piping Centre.

Participants listened to presentations from Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp on the ‘Economics of Independence’ and personal stories from Michelle Rodger, Sarah Jane-Walls, Les Meikle and Adam Davidson, describing their journey towards deciding to support Scotland becoming an independent country.

DSC00111The majority of Business people in attendance were fully supportive of independence but many, brought along by friends and colleagues, were yet to be convinced at the start of the night.  As the evening progressed several previously undecided voters and even no leaning business people admitted that they were now were fully convinced by the evidence presented, Stuart MacDonald even signed the Business for Scotland Declaration as a result of the evening.

Stuart said, “I must admit before I attended I was sitting on the fence but having sat through various speakers I am now strongly in favour of the Yes vote.

“Hopefully with more open minded discussions and topical debates around this vital decision, Scotland and our business communities can truly flourish.”


Business for Scotland’s growing camp of business people is in sharp contrast to the lack of business activity in favour of a ‘No’ vote.  It’s clear that for business in Scotland to thrive, we require full control over taxation and spending in Scotland to build the business environment in which our business can grow, to the betterment of all of Scotland.

The next public meeting in Glasgow will take place on the 20th of November at the National Piping Centre.  You can registered for this ‘here‘.

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Michael Gray

Michael is Head of Research with Business for Scotland.

A graduate from the University of Glasgow, he has carried out a series of interviews with academics, politicians and the public in Denmark, Iceland and Ireland. Michael's on twitter @GrayInGlasgow.

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