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Two separate reports in two days have concluded that First Minister Nicola Sturgeon did not knowingly mislead MSPs over her handling of allegations levelled against her predecessor Alex Salmond.

A report by James Hamilton QC published yesterday cleared the First Minister of breaching the ministerial code.

A report published today by a Holyrood Committee set up to investigate the Scottish government’s handling of the allegations also found Ms Sturgeon had not knowingly misled MSPs.

Here’s a taste of the reaction on Twitter to the findings:

Danny McCafferty @dmccafferty49

Opposition to Nicola Sturgeon claim she misled Parliament (despite admitting they have no proof to substantiate it) just that “they don’t believe”… James Hamilton has clearly stated the FM did NOT break the Ministerial Code in any regard.

Lindsay Bruce @RogueCoder250

Opinion: Unless Salmond reveals today that Sturgeon personally machine-gunned 10,000 baby kittens to death before taking an oath to Satan – which seems *a tad* unlikely – then all of this is already over. Except for the committee leak investigations. Opposition heads may roll.

David Schneider @davidschneider

Now Nicola Sturgeon has been found not to have deliberately misled Parliament, those Tories who called on her to resign will no doubt do the same to Boris Johnson.

Boris Johnson … breaches of the ministerial code

dave @davemacladd

Now that Nicola Sturgeon has been cleared of breaking the ministerial code, I’m sure that all the outraged Tories will shift their focus onto those who have broken it, including Boris Johnson, Priti Patel, Matt Hancock and Robert Jenrick

DimEagleBuckie @BuckieDim

Douglas Ross on Newsnight does not accept the determination of James Hamilton on Nicola Sturgeon. He thinks he’s more qualified than an independent international legal expert.

Katy @KatyJayne101

This is your reminder that Nicola Sturgeon’s resignation was called for BEFORE she had even given evidence to the parliamentary committee. The Tories had no interest in examining a process that had let down women or in establishing the truth.

Marcus Carslaw @marcuscarslaw1

Douglas Ross is arguing that Nicola Sturgeon should resign despite not breaking the ministerial code. Yet Ross, whilst an MP at Westminster was willing to serve in Boris Johnson’s government, a man who broke the ministerial code several times. Hypocrite.

Marc MacDhùgaill @MarcMacDhugaill

The Tory owned media are determined to destroy Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP because they see a nation rising, a nation coming together, united behind one common goal – freedom from the oppressive Tory regime. A nation is rising. Be part of it. #ScottishIndependence

Neil Macpherson @NeilMacpherso20

BBC news not leading with news of Nicola Sturgeon’s exoneration. Yet last week the news did lead with the leaks from the Committee. Wonder why?

CalgacusAD83 @Cragra10

Never forget that Keir Starmer called for Nicola Sturgeon to resign for breaking the ministerial code, while refusing to to do the same to Conservative ministers in Westminster who’d actually been found to have broken it.

James Woodfield @JamesWoodfield

One good thing to come out of the Sturgeon affair is that Tories all across the UK, aided by the BBC, have made it absolutely clear to everyone that whenever any Ministers lie to Parliament, or breach the Code, there is no doubt whatsoever that they should resign straight away.

Peter Stefanovic@PeterStefanovi2

Nicola Sturgeon did not breach the ministerial code. Tory MPs were clamoring for her to resign if she was found to breach it. Just imagine their outrage when they find out Boris Johnson has misled Parliament practically every week since he became PM

the pastels @pastels_the

Feel lucky to have Nicola Sturgeon as First Minister at this time. Her decency stands in opposition to a UK government of right wing zealots who are fine with xenophobia, poverty, corruption, nuclear weapons, smearing decent people. That’s what this came down to… big win.

Will Patterson  @WillJPatterson

Anyone still hoping Labour will be part of a Progressive Alliance should watch today as they look for other reasons to demand Nicola Sturgeon resign while continuing to let Johnson, Patel, Hancock et al off the hook. They’re already in a Regressive Alliance with the Tories.

Margaret Young @penguinos99

Tories cynical plans for the FM might be in shreds but for @Douglas4Moray to pretend he cares about the women is sick. Listen to what they have said. Also Tories support for the rape clause & slashing public spending which impacts women most, shows their disregard for all women.

The New York Times @nytimes

Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s first minister, did not knowingly breach rules or mislead the Scottish Parliament about an investigation of her predecessor, an inquiry found. The report effectively clears her of allegations that led to calls for her to resign.


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  • As always double Standards from Tories/unionists. The so called committee AKA Kangaroo court had already decided she was guilty before any evidence had been heard. It is now blatantly obvious that their sole aim was to bring down the FM and nothing else. The fear is in them they know their time is up. What the people of Scotland now need to do is decide whether or not they wish to be governed by such people or whether they want a Government that will genuinely look after their interests and not their own or those of Westminster. SAOR ALBA .

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