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EU President to help UK with velvet divorce after Scottish independence

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Slovakian PM Robert Fico is to take over EU Presidency next Monday

The European Union’s next President Robert Fico (Prime Minister of Slovakia), who will take over presidency of the EU on Monday, has offered to help broker a velvet divorce for Scotland from the rest of the UK if Scotland votes to become an independent nation.

The velvet divorce was the name given to the process of the dissolution of Czechoslovakia in 1993 which led to the formation of Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Both nations later became independent EU members.

Mr Fico said: “Slovaks and Czechs have a unique experience of peaceful separation and we are willing to share our experience with anyone who is interested.”

This is further proof that the First Minister’s EU charm offensive is bearing fruit, being told this week that Scotland had won the right to be heard. Although coming with mixed responses from a few EU member states, the general consensus emerging is that although Scotland is welcome it needs to become an independent country to maintain EU membership. Otherwise, Scotland if still part of the UK at the point of Brexit, will have to leave as well. Scotland can only negotiate on its own terms of membership outwith the UK and would therefore have to hold another independence referendum before Brexit officially takes place.

It looks likely that independence is fast becoming the only option available to Scotland for retaining our EU citizenship and with that in mind this is an offer that states volumes for the mood in the EU and comes from the PM of a country that has enjoyed the benefits of independence.

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