FSB Survey shows Scots businesses appreciate opportunities independence offers

12 June 2014

Business for Scotland welcomed the FSB survey as evidence that Scots businesses appreciate the opportunities that independence will offer to them.

Jil Murphy, who runs the marketing and design company Thin Red Line Design, said;

“It seems that other business owners see the same opportunities as I do; 41% think that we’ll see policies better suited to Scottish business, 30% think we’ll see a stronger economy and 26% think it will give us better export opportunities. More than half show some level of excitement about the new opportunities.

“This is what the independence is, what the referendum is all about – opportunities. It’s the opportunity to make better choices for today’s Scotland and for tomorrow’s Scotland; it’s the opportunity to decide our future and build a better country for all of us.

“I look forward to seeing a succession of Scottish Government that not only listen more to Scottish businesses but also have the power to create a better business environment so more people can start their own businesses and more Scottish businesses can thrive and grow and create more employment. That’s the business opportunity of a lifetime that independence offers me.

Gordon McIntyre-Kemp, Chief Executive of Business for Scotland, added;

“This reflects what our 2,000 members have been saying to us – they want more information but the opportunities they see on the other side of the referendum are exciting. They see the chance to make business work for Scotland, to grow, employ more people, sell Scottish products abroad and to really make our mark.

“Just like the rest of the population the business community is opening up to the exciting possibilities of independence for business and the positive elements of this survey come hard of the heels of a poll of over 1000 oil industry workers by recruitment website Oil and Gas People found that 64% plan to vote Yes in September.

“Yes is the key to success for Scottish business.”

NOTE – FSB survey can be found here:  http://www.fsb.org.uk/policy/rpu/scotland/assets/data%20tables%20-%20june%202014.pdf