Business for Scotland hails Scots’ confidence in economy

8th June

Business for Scotland, the pro-independence business group, has hailed a Populus poll which showed that approximately half of Scotland’s people think that Scotland will be economically stronger than the rest of the UK after independence.

Welcoming the findings, Chief Executive Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp said:

“This shows the growing confidence that Scots have in the independence case. We now have over 2,000 members in Business for Scotland – business people who all believe that independence offers the business opportunity of a lifetime and it seems that the Scottish people are agreeing with them now.

“48% of Scots think that Scotland will be better off economically than the rest of the UK. That’s not just thinking that Scotland can make a great success of independence, it’s thinking that Scotland will outstrip the rest of the UK. That confidence will be what drives our success.

“It’s becoming clear that September will see Scots believing that Yes is the key to success. Over the next 100 days Business for Scotland will engage with the people of Scotland to demonstrate how we will be wealthier as an independent nation; the more people engage with the fact the more they are inclined to vote yes.”


Note – the detailed results from the Populus poll are available here –