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Increased enterprise and business support to benefit Scottish SMEs

The Scottish Government today (22nd June) released the final Enterprise and Skills Review: Business support in an entrepreneurial and innovative Scotland.

The report recognised the vital role small businesses play in delivering social and economic value for society as a whole, with over 344,000 small businesses in Scotland with 0-49 employees (representing 98.2% of all businesses).

The report outlines that action is required to encourage steady performance improvements across the broad business base and to maximise the impact of dynamic high-growth companies.

The final report from the Enterprise and Skills Review contains measures to support business, ensure young people have access to the right skills, and drive ambition to create growth across the Scottish economy. These include a new agency established to meet the distinctive economic needs of communities in the South of Scotland and a greater urgency behind the Scottish Government’s innovation action plan and joining up the efforts of Scottish skills agencies to help learners and businesses get the training they need.

The intended benefits of the Review are of increased enterprise and business support, with a streamlined approach that will make business support easier and quicker to access, more effective for business, and more impactful. Another is improved support across the overall business base and for specific groups such as scale-up, women-owned or social enterprises.

The report highlights that this is the start of on-going improvement and these recommendations need to be able to adapt to changing economic and political circumstances, and changes to how SMEs do business.


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