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FM Nicola Sturgeon must protect Scotland from Brexit fallout

Written by Michelle Rodger

Despite the overwhelming Scottish vote to Remain, today’s result means Scotland will be pulled out of the EU against its will and will suffer more than the rest of the UK as a direct result.

Leaving the EU could cost Scotland more than £2bn in Government revenues if the right deal to access the european common market is not done, and Business for Scotland today calls on the Scottish Government to begin urgent talks with the EU for Scotland remain a member.

Business for Scotland previously warned that Scotland would be harder hit by the economic fall out of the Brexit vote that runs absolutely contrary to the wishes of the Scottish people and Scottish business.

CEO Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp said: “The irony of this result will not be lost on the independence voters. With this vote the UK has hit the economic, and probably constitutional, self destruct button.

“Due to Westminster’s policy of over investment and centralisation of wealth around London and the South East, the UK regions qualify for EU grant aid that England does not. Scotland pays only 8.4% of the UK’s EU membership fee but receives 17.4% of the EU grants to the UK and the net benefit to the Scottish tax take is £2.1bn a year from EU membership.

“We think that David Cameron has done the right thing by resigning. But it’s now down to Nicola Sturgeon to make sure Scotland is protected from the Brexit fallout.

“The Scottish Government should immediately begin talks with the EU for Scotland to remain a member, even though the rest of the UK may exit, and to clarify that an independent Scotland would be the continuing member state, inheriting the UK’s EU membership in the event of a Yes vote in a Scottish independence referendum.

“The Scottish Government should also simultaneously open up negotiations to join EFTA as that is also an entirely workable way to maintain EU common market access.

“Scots from both sides of the independence debate wanted to see Scotland remain in the EU and that was very precisely what we were promised during the Scottish Independence referendum; we were told a vote for the Union was a vote to stay in the EU.

“Scottish nationalism differs from British Nationalism as we are international in outlook and fully understand that a modern definition of independence in a world of global trade means to accept that all independent nations are also interdependent and interconnected and that nations should work together to create shared prosperity. We reject the old fashioned inward looking sometimes xenophobic British nationalism that defined the Brexit campaign and may now define Westminster for a generation.”


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Michelle Rodger

Michelle is a former national newspaper journalist who co-founded an award-winning IT business before launching Tartan Cat Communications. A social media and crowdfunding expert she manages media and communications for Business for Scotland.


  • I am really concerned about this situation, I have a small aquaculture business and I am counting upon matched EU funding from the fisheries fund to help me develop the business. What happens now and in the future? I may still qualify for funding in the short term but longer term? One thing I know for sure is that there is no chance of a westminister government ponying up the difference, they think we are all spongers and get too much already. In addition I am really concerned about how I shall access the common market. Again I have no trust in the UK establishment to arrange terms for me, and that shall put me at a distinct disadvantage when competing with Irish and French producers. Very concerning times,.

    • I believe that Scotland will find a way to stay in either as part of the Uk if the UK does a Norway style deal and we stay in (Greenland – Denmark precedent) – or that Scotland will become independent and a member – otherwise you you will have a problem as there will be no savings from the membership fee to share around that was a lie.

  • The damning of the EU has been brought about by the poor political system in the UK. The UK is not perfect but Rome was not built in a day. I just hope Scotland can get it’s independence from the UK in the not to distant future. The lies and exaggerations that has
    brought this about is unforgivable. Although the inadequacies of the main political parties was probably the reason for the big brexit vote not the as put forward by the

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