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Read over our articles and watch videos from the EU campaign to find out why we’re still championing EU membership for Scotland.

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A forced Brexit changes Scotland’s constitutional debate

EU worth £2bn per year to Scotland



Articles 2016

Business for Scotland members from businesses large and small give their reasons for a Remain vote

Independence supporters in Scotland who voting to Leave are now voting against the only scenario that makes independence within the term of this parliament likely.
Vote Leave just blew the Scottish independence debate wide open, 21st June 2016

Brexit camp continues to claim that UK sends £350m a week to Brussels, with Scotland’s share being £30m a week
Brexit Camp’s Scottish figures fall apart, 14th June 2016

Business for Scotland research covered in The National
Brexit would hit Scottish economy differently to the rest of the UK, says Business Network, 9th June 2016

Leave continues to maintain its UK wide momentum even as Scotland goes in the opposite direction.
A forced Brexit changes Scotland’s constitutional debate, 6th June 2016

Scotland would be the hardest hit with a Brexit. The lack of understanding of the specific economic impact on Scotland of a Brexit within the Leave campaign has been astounding.
Scotland would be hit hardest with Brexit vote, 3rd June 2016

The EU is worth over £2bn a year to Scotland and gives us access to the common market, boosting Scotland’s economy and creating more, higher quality, better paid jobs.
New research: EU worth £2bn per year to Scotland, 19th April 2016

A Brexit won’t stop TTIP, Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp investigates whether a better deal can be made from the inside.
Brexit won’t stop TTP but can a better deal be negotiated, 7th March 2016

Can Scotland trust the Westminster government to replace EU funding and grants given to Scotland potentially lost by a Brexit.
Brexit would give Westminster more power over Scotland, 22nd February 2016

The PM arranges EU Referendum date close to Scottish elections, and failed to give Scotland and other UK nations a means of stopping English votes dragging them out of the EU should those nations vote to stay.
BfS responds to Cameron’s EU deal and calls for Scotland to have a red card option, 2nd February 2016

Ahead of reform talks it looks as though Cameron will choose an early EU Referendum date in June in the hope of running a short Stay Campaign.
Will Cameron’s EU Gamble End the UK?, 25th January 2016


Articles 2015

If the Common Market and European Union did not exist then Europe would be rife with trade and territory disputes and narrow-minded insular national agendas as championed by UKip and the xenophobic core of the anti EU campaign.
If the EU didn’t exist you would have to invent it, 24th November 2015

Business for Scotland poll showed agreement that the EU is in need of reform, but that this is best achieved from the inside, and with Scottish, Welsh, Northern Irish and English needs given due consideration.
New Poll: 82% of SMEs want UK to remain in EU, 16th October 2015

The EU’s incoherent response to crises, overly expansive ambition, especially on setting up the Euro, and creeping centralization could well be its undoing, but all of this masks the key benefits of its core value.  Free trade, economic cooperation, free movement of people and goods and the bringing together of independent nations in a war torn Europe in friendship and co-operation.
The pros and cons of EU Brexit (mostly cons), 29th September 2015

Those of us who support the general principles of the EU need to raise our game and start making the economic, social and political case to ensure a Yes vote, at least in Scotland.
Scotland needs a Yes vote in the EU Referendum, 14th September 2015

Constitutional crises if Scotland votes to stay in the UK and the rest of the UK votes to leave, and the less likely scenario if the rest of the UK marginally votes to leave and the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Ireland votes keep England in the EU against its will.
What are we going to do about the Europeans?, 31st January 2015