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Business for Scotland moves to referendum footing

Written by Rhona Middler

Business for Scotland has welcomed FM Nicola Sturgeon’s announcement of a draft Referendum Bill next week with news of expansion and a move to campaign mode.

BfS, the pro-independence business network and economic think tank, has moved to larger premises in Bath Street, Glasgow and has started hiring additional staff, including a researcher.

Founder and CEO Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp said:

“The FM’s announcement this week about a Referendum Bill is a positive step towards IndyRef2 and Business for Scotland has taken this seriously with an immediate move to referendum footing.

“While no date has yet been set for a second Independence Referendum, we believe it’s important to start sharing the economic case for independence and answering the questions that some people believed were left unanswered in 2014.

“We have had a number of generous donations, including the office space we have moved into and funding for a researcher, and we are about to embark on a crowdfunding campaign to raise additional money to resource phase one of our campaign.

“It’s clear to us and to our members that the biggest threat facing the Scottish economy is to remain part of the UK after a hard Brexit, and we’ll be campaigning to ensure businesses – and their employees and families – understand the damage that could do Scotland.

“We want to highlight and share the economic opportunities for Scotland if we vote to become independent.”
For further information please contact Michelle Rodger [email protected]


About the author

Rhona Middler

Rhona was Business for Scotland's Engagement Executive and Events Manager.


  • Nice one guys, get the crowdfunder up quickly, lots of them will be cropping up and it’s essential that a positive business and economic case can be shared by everyone campaigning

  • Glad to see you ramping up. As reported in Wings today the Union loonies are also starting up.

    Also today, Teresa May boasts about cutting funding to the English NHS while funding Trident renewal.

    The comparison of a Scottish economy after independence in EFTA/EU with the Scottish economy after Brexit in a Tory run UK will win the next referendum.

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