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Brexit – Scottish businesses must maintain access to the single market

The Westminster Government has triggered Article 50, which signals the start of official negotiations on Brexit.

Business for Scotland calls upon all elected representatives of Scotland to fight for Scottish businesses to maintain access to the single market.

They must put the nation’s economic and social well being ahead of a dogmatic belief in British nationalism that seeks to separate the UK from Europe.

Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp CEO of Business for Scotland said:

“Our research shows that for every pound Scotland pays the EU we get £20 back – Scotland voted to remain in the EU, our businesses need access to the single market and they need the skills that EU migrants bring to help our economy grow and thrive.

“The Westminster Government seems to be heading for a hard Brexit that will cost tens of thousands of jobs in Scotland, knock billions off of our economy, create rapid inflation, increase borrowing and the deficit, damage our international exports and cut real wages leaving more and more Scottish people living below acceptable economic standards.

“The damage to the UK economy will be just as great. Theresa May’s hard Brexit plan quite simply has destroyed any perceived economic advantage to Scotland remaining in the UK.”

Notes to Editors
Business for Scotland campaigned for Scotland to remain in the EU whilst other business networks and think tanks, which are now complaining, sat on their hands.

Our preference is for Scotland to remain a member of the EU, but if that is not instantly available to Scotland then single market access is a must with an option to rejoin the EU as an independent nation if the Scottish people see fit.

We published research that helped Scottish voters decide to vote to stay in the EU during the referendum. New research: EU worth £2bn per year to Scotland:

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In the last week alone, our Brexit impact infographic has been viewed more than 100,000 times see below:

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