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Living Wage, Scotland the Brief
Written by Tonie McKay

The Living Wage is a hourly wage that employers are recommended to pay employees across the UK. The rate is adjusted every year to match the wage that people need to earn in order to live.

Due to the different costs of living across the UK, London has a different Living Wage compared to the rest of the UK. The London Living Wage is £9.75 per hour, whilst the rest of the UK’s Living Wage is £8.45 per hour. The Living Wage applies to anyone that is over 18.

Regardless of this, efforts to pay the Living Wage across Scotland still need to be addressed, especially in hospitality and retail sectors, which have the highest proportion of workers paid below the Living Wage in comparison to other industries.

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Tonie McKay

Tonie is Business for Scotland's Policy Research Executive, and is an EU national who has chosen to make her home in Scotland, originally from Stockholm.

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