Press & Radio Coverage

Business for Scotland Press Coverage and Mentions

Carney moves into damage-limitation mode as Brexit fallout begins, The National, 06.07.16

– The DisUnited Kingdom? Scotland renews push for ‘liberation’ after Brexit, PBS NewsHour, 27.06.16

– Big firms ‘may head north’ if Scotland stays part of the EU, Sunday Post, 26.06.16

– Second Scottish independence referendum is highly likely after Brexit: Scotland First Minister, 25.06.16

– Britain’s financial sector reels after Brexit bombshell, Reuters, 24.06.16

– Scottish leader: New independence referendum ‘highly likely’, Yahoo News, 24.06.16

– Experts split on Scotland’s future in EU, Common Space, 24.06.16

– Brexit vote stirs calls in Scotland, Northern Ireland to leave U.K., CBS News, 24.06.16

Brexit would impact Scotland differently to the rest of the UK, says business network, The National, 09.06.16

We’re IN profit: Scotland nets £20 for every £1 we give EU, The Sun, 09.06.16

EU referendum: Is EU a ‘force for good’ or ‘stranglehold’?, The Scotsman, 26.05.16

GERS: Economy resilient despite oil revenues decline, The National, 10.03.16

– Economist Mike Danson: Scotland needs a “fundamental restructuring” of its economy #GERS, Common Space, 09.03.16

– Business body brands north-east City Region Deal “disappointing”, Press and Journal, 30.01.16

David Cameron defends visa block saying foreign graduates should not do menial jobs, The Herald,

Pro and anti Brexit camps step up efforts to woo business, Financial Times, 10.01.16

Radio Audio

Jazz FM, 05.07.16, CEO and Founder of Business for Scotland, Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp talks about Scottish independence and Brexit on Jazz FM Business Hour. Listen here.

BBC 5 News, 03.02.16, CEO and Founder of Business for Scotland, Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp speaks on Prime Minister EU reform discussions


BBC World at One 27.01.16, CEO and Founder of Business for Scotland, Gordon McIntyre-Kemp speaks on the Aberdeen City Deal