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Written by Rhona Middler
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An offer from Kay McCandless, of Coaching Training Consultancy. Kay is a professional, accredited ICF Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant with many years of experience.

Would you like 2 Free Coaching Sessions and a Business Consultation with Coaching-Training-Consultancy Ltd? Read on…

What do we know about running a business? Well, it certainly requires a value proposition, a business model, strategic thinking, clear business objectives, a great product or service, technical expertise, good systems and processes, customers would also be helpful, now, what have I forgotten? Ah yes…the essential ingredient, the key to success or failure, the most variable, the least predictable and yet the most important asset of any business……people. You knew that? I know you did. I also know that you will have had experience of great people, difficult people, inspiring people, challenging people, people who do a great job but cannot communicate to save themselves…or their teams for that matter, people who reflect and don’t talk, people who talk and don’t think, people who can start an argument in an empty room and people who won’t say boo to a goose….I could go on. People and the relationships between them are the beating heart of any business so when there is lack of connection or understanding, there is often a lack of respect and trust. This makes unhappy people and that is bad for business. In terms of ROI, every business needs people who understand not just their own perspective but the priorities, stresses and challenges across all areas. Common understanding and ability to communicate raises performance and puts more money on the bottom line.

If there were a magic potion to solve all the issues that people bring, I would be currently dressed in my witch’s hat and black cape bent over my steaming hot cauldron chanting spells, filling bottles and my bank account.

Instead, I can offer you two free taster coaching sessions, arranged at your convenience and a business consultation where we can just chill with a coffee and chat about life in your organisation, the successes you enjoy and where the biggest challenges lie. I’m a people person…you’ll enjoy it!

Give me a call today on 07812 560 420 or email [email protected]

I am also on LinkedIn linkedin.com/in/kaymccandless and our web address is www.c-t-c.org

I am looking forward to meeting you! Who knows, I might need my witch’s hat yet!

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Rhona was Business for Scotland's Engagement Executive and Events Manager.

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