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Scotland_Parliament_HolyroodOn Thursday February 6th at First Minister’s Questions in Holyrood  a question was asked regarding independence supporting business leaders.  In response the First Minister mentioned the hundreds of independence supporting business members of Business for Scotland.

Business for Scotland has now revealed its network for pro-independence businesspeople has 1,324 members and that is still growing with 128 new declaration signatories in the last 48 hours, which, of course, includes many chief executives, executive chairpersons, directors and company owners.

All have signed our declaration and support a Yes vote.

Minister for External Affairs and International Development (Humza Yousaf) also cited Business for Scotland’s research into UK embassy networks lack of Scottish promotional activity in the chamber.

In the last month 111,500 people visited the Business for Scotland website which is predominantly a business and economics website.

Many of our members and our supporters have agreed to have their profiles published on our site.

We have previously published a list in the Herald Newspaper of 100 Business for Scotland members who had never previously declared support for Scotland becoming an independent country. Below, we list a sample of business leaders who have signed our declaration:-

Marie Macklin, CEO, Klin Group, Kilmarnock

Ricky Nicol, CEO, Commsworld, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen

Les Meikle, MD, Wise Property Care, Renfrewshire

David Cairns, Executive Chairman, PrismTech, Stirling

Sandy Adam, Chairman, Springfield Properties, Elgin

Tony Banks, Chairman, Balhousie Care, Perth

Kenny Anderson, MD, Anderson Construction, Aberdeen

David Urquhart, Managing Director, David Urquhart Travel


Voters will make their minds up largely on the economic opportunities – and the facts show that Scotland will be considerably better off as an independent country. Businesspeople are moving to Yes and the opportunities that independence brings for our economy.

With such a strong fiscal position, combined with our natural resources and the resurgence of Scotland’s entrepreneurial spirit, independence is the business opportunity of a lifetime.

About the author

Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp

Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp is the Founder and Chief Executive of Business for Scotland. Before becoming CEO of Business for Scotland he ran a small social media and sales & marketing consultancy.

With a degree in business, marketing and economics, Gordon has worked as an economic development planning professional, and in marketing roles specialising in pricing modelling and promotional evaluation for global companies (including P&G).

Gordon benefits (not suffers) from dyslexia, and is a proponent of the emerging New Economics School. Gordon contributes articles to Business for Scotland, The National and The Huffington Post.


  • I`m considering starting my own business in Scotland, it`s going to take me about two years to get everything organized. Not least the funds but my main concern is that if there`s a NO vote I can only see bad times for Scotland into the near future.
    It`s quite clear that there`s a consensus across the Westminster parties and across the regions of the UK that somehow Scotland`s budget should be cut by billions to bring it into line with funding that goes to poorer parts of the UK.
    The only reason this is coming our way (if we vote NO) is because of Westminster`s lies that English tax payers money funds Scotland`s public services. It certainly doesn`t!
    One thing for certain is that I wont take the risk of starting a business here post a NO vote because this countries economy is going to take a nose dive. As if things aren`t already bad enough as it is.
    Another thing for sure is that I wont be joining the brain and talent drain from Scotland to England out of principle. I will most likely pursue a better life for myself in Europe or further afield which is sad enough in itself.
    Scotland without full control over it`s economy will never realize its full potential. I hope to god that Business for Scotland goes from strength to strength this year and can convince enough Scots that a NO vote isn`t even an option.

  • Puts Johann Lamont’s utterings at FMQs with respect to BP boss Bob Dudley, all gleefully lapped up by the BBC and MSM, of course, into sharp perspective. That’s the real story, the growing support for independence by the business community.

  • Great work. Got a few hundred of your leaflets from Phil Stewart and have handed in a few to my customers in Broughty Ferry.

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