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Business for Scotland Vision for Scotland Conference

The Vision for Scotland conference will sit at the core of our policy and networking activities in 2015/16

In 2015/16 our members will help to define and promote our Vision for Scotland and to work towards Building National Prosperity through an engagement programme that will include:

  • Publishing and promoting online articles and research
  • Organising events in towns and cities across Scotland to engage business and create networking opportunities
  • Establishing Scotianomics as the leading campaigning business and economic policy think tank in Scotland
  • Holding Saltire Club lunches for business leaders throughout Scotland
  • Publishing our Vision for Scotland following our second conference
  • Promoting policies to and engaging with the Scottish Government through events such as the Business in the Parliament Conference and the National Economic Forum.
  • Organising our second Annual Dinner video here (2015)
  • Facilitating on going consultation with our membership through networking events and online discussion
  • Providing alternative commentary on business policies and economic issues via the media

To succeed we need your help to fund and organise our vital programme, we need you to join now or to renew your membership so that we have the funds to carry on campaigning for a better Scotland.

It costs £100 + VAT to become a Stakeholder and it gives you the opportunity to shape the future of our organisation as we shape the future of our country.

Use this link to Join as a stakeholder member